Blizzard will let you try ‘Diablo IV’ once more ahead of its June launch (

Blizzard will let you try ‘Diablo IV’ once more ahead of its June launch

In addition, if you played during the games Early Access or Open Beta periods, your progress wont carry over to Server Slam nor will progress from the Server Slam transfer to the games launch.

Blizzard is giving Server Slam participants a challenging boss fight in Ashava, described as one of the Burning Hells most fowl machinations. The monster with two razorsharp arm blades, scales stronger than plate mail, and hellbent on ripping through all who interrupt her quest to bathe Sanctuary in poisonous bile should present a formidable challenge for Level 20 and under players.

The games Server Slam will give console and PC players 48 hours to explore the prologue and Act I as the publisher prepares its infrastructure for the dungeon crawlers highly anticipated June 6th launch.

The Server Slam will take place from May 12th at 12 PM to May 14th at 12 PM PDT.

Additionally, youll get another chance to earn the trophies from the first two beta weekends, including the Initial Casualty Title (reach Kyovashad with one character), the Early Voyager Title and Beta Wolf Pack Cosmetic Item (both requiring reaching Level 20 on one character).


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