The Kindle Paperwhite made me enjoy reading books again (

The Kindle Paperwhite made me enjoy reading books again

Both the adsupported 140 model (which I used for this review) and the adfree, 190 Signature Edition feature bigger 6.8inch displays that look fantastic under any lighting, weekslong battery life, and a flawless form factor fit for lazy onehanded readers like myself.

Even with some price and performance concerns, Amazon’s latest Kindle can, uh, rekindle your interest in reading.

Depending on their size, both paperbacks and hardcovers can just be a little cumbersome to handle, especially if you like reading onehanded like I do. SEE ALSO The best Kindles for taking all your favorite reads on the go

I’m happy to say the 2021 edition of the Kindle Paperwhite(opens in a new tab) is nearly perfect for folks who’d love to read more if not for all the little annoying things about reading.

Confession I’ve finished a startlingly low number of books since I finished high school.

It’s not that I dislike books or struggle with comprehension or anything like that.


    • Better than books
    • Slow and mostly steady
    • Big jump to get rid of ads

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