Protesters give police 24-hour ultimatum to release Seun Kuti (

Protesters give police 24-hour ultimatum to release Seun Kuti


And, because of his role in the EndSARS protest which is why the Nigeria Police feels it is an opportunity to deal with him, he said.

We will not allow this to happen to Seun or any Nigerian, we are going to stand and fight.

However, the chief magistrate in Yabas court, Adeola Olatunbosun was not present in the courtroom on Tuesday.

Mr Kuti alongside his lawyer, Adeyinka OlumideFusika, was present in court but the case was adjourned to Wednesday due to the absence of the magistrate.

Mr OlumideFusika told Peoples Gazette that the absence of the magistrate will not interfere with the trial.

You have evidences enough to tender in court, Mr Ajayi said.

The former chairperson of AAC in Lagos said the magistrate court is colluding with police by granting them illegal notices without the knowledge of Mr Kutis lawyer.

He added that Mr Kuti has suffered illegality in the face of the law, calling police to release him by tomorrow morning or bear the consequences.

Police officer is a citizen just like Seun.

If Seun is not released by tomorrow morning the Nigerian rulling class knows what will happen next.

Another activist, El Rigo, under the aegis of MOP, said Mr Kuti was detained because of his stance against police brutality.

The reason Seun has been subjected to police trial is because of his stance against the capitalist government that has exploited and subjected the people to misery, slavery and poverty.


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