Top Options For Giethoorn In The Netherlands (

Top Options For Giethoorn In The Netherlands


If you want to rest along the way, find a table on one of the large terraces by the water to rest and enjoy the scenery.

Cycling in Giethoorn

Those of you who love sports can rent a bike.

The cycle route starts in Giethoorn and takes you through the WeerribbenWieden National Park and along Beulakermeadow, Vollenhovermeer, and Giethoorschemeer to finally return to the starting point.

Gastronomy in Giethoorn

After your tour, you would definitely like to rest and find a nice place to eat.

This means that the guide has plenty of time to talk with everyone, answer their questions, and talk about this unique village.

Giethoorn tour

If you like walking, you will love to take the Giethoorn walking route, which is 2.7 miles and is practically a long walk through the waterrich village.


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