Instagram founders' news app Artifact is… Reddit now? (

Instagram founders' news app Artifact is… Reddit now?

But those models simply flag the content to be reviewed by their human team.

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While these additions might make the platform more intriguing to the everyday user, it’s tough to imagine an app all about reading the news that beats the mindnumbing joy (and pain, and fear, and anger…) that we get from Instagram and TikTok.

Users can’t comment on the articles without creating a profile which requires a phone number and includes a display name Artifact confirmed to Mashable.

While this might make Artifact more interesting for users, it’s also opening a Pandora’s box of moderation issues which will be mitigated by “reputation scores” based on upvotes and downvotes on comments, similar to Reddit’s voting system, TechCrunch reported.

For the first few weeks of its existence, using the platform felt a lot like using Pocket or Apple News but, honestly, worse.

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Now, users can create profiles, comment on articles, upvote and downvote (hi Reddit), and earn a “reputation” (not Taylors Version).

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