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What You Should Do To Improve On Your Personal Finances

Your life expectancy in the desert will be determined by the number of canteens you were able to accumulate during your work life.

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Some people in the desert may have accumulated enough to drink during their elder years, some wont.

Ideal solution

Own a water well in the desert.

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Interpretation of the analogy

WaterMoney (cash)Water in a glass that evaporatesCash in a bank.Water in a canteenAssets that appreciate with inflation.

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To answer your question, how can you improve your personal finances

One of the best ways to improve your personal finances is by investing intentionally in cashflowing assets.

The most common are real estate rentals, businesses and royalties.

Your first step is to protect your savings from the external influence of monetary policies that will evaporate the value of your hard work.

Imagine youre in the middle of the desert.

Imagine that when you work, you get paid in water.

The first problem you will bump into will be how to store your water.


Use a glass instead of your hands.

Second problem

The water will evaporate with time, correct

To solve this you need a canteen with a cap to prevent evaporation.


The next challenge will be to resolve long term reserves.

This seems like a simple solution you get multiple canteens and build up your store.


Next problem

When you lose your strength to work, you will need to start consuming those canteens.

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