Amazon KDP: How to publish and make money (

Amazon KDP: How to publish and make money


Publishing a book can be a very exhausting and expensive process, but it doesnt have to be so.

You can easily publish your book and start making money immediately with the help of Amazon KDP.


    • What is Amazon KDP
    • Benefits of Amazon KDP
    • What Kinds of books are published on Amazon KDP
    • How to set up an Amazon KDP account
    • Writing and publishing your book on Amazon KDP
    • Promoting Your Book
    • Conclusion
      • 1. Lowcontent books
      • 2. Mediumcontent books
      • 3. Highcontent books
      • 1. Sign up for an Amazon Account
      • 2. Sign up for KDP with your Amazon Account
      • 3. Set up your author profile
      • 1. Selecting a niche and target audience
      • 2. Wring and editing your book
      • 3. Formatting your book for Amazon KDP
      • 4. Designing your book cover
      • 5. Uploading your book to Amazon KDP


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