Northern Nigeria tech entrepreneurs want to revamp the startup ecosystem (

Northern Nigeria tech entrepreneurs want to revamp the startup ecosystem


Unfortunately, the networks activity in the state was shortlived. Although it was going to be a game changer when we launched, the network was not the right time, Theodore Longji, CEO of nHub said.

After about four years of JANs inactivity, nHub has unveiled a coalition of Plateaubased hubs and accelerators to drive the ecosystem and also enable the domestication of the Nigeria Startup Act (NSA). It is an opportunity for us to come together and restrategise on how to drive innovation and also source funding for ideas in Jos and the rest of Northern Nigeria, says Longji. During the inauguration of the Network of Hubs and Accelerators in Plateau state.

In addition to investor bias, the lack of infrastructure in the North has also hindered the growth of the regions startup ecosystem, writes Surayyah Ahmad, founding partner at TechTankLabs, an earlystage investor focused on the region.

In 2019, nHub launched Jos Angel Network (JAN) to create a bridge between budding startups and investors in Plateau state.

However, the Northern Nigeria startup ecosystem is facing a brain drain due to the unavailability of startups in the region that will employ the talent that has been trained by these hubs.

The tech ecosystem in the North is still at a growing phase.


    • Efforts by state governments in the region
    • A more regional approach


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