Danbatta: NCC boss to receive National Productivity Order of Merit award (dailypost.ng)

Danbatta: NCC boss to receive National Productivity Order of Merit award


Nasir Olaitan RajiMustapha, heralding Danbattas exceptional achievements and significant contributions to the development and advancement of the Nigerian telecommunications industry.

The NPOM Award recognises individuals, who have demonstrated exemplary leadership, innovation, and dedication in their respective fields, and Danbattas recognition highlights his outstanding contributions to the NCC and the telecommunications sector as a whole.

During his tenure at the NCC, Danbatta has spearheaded several initiatives that have revolutionized the telecommunications landscape in Nigeria.

His visionary leadership and strategic decisions have led to remarkable achievements and noteworthy milestones for the industry.

Some of the key accomplishments attributed to Danbattas tenure include the promotion of broadband penetration, consumer empowerment and protection, sustainable industry growth, and digital inclusion and innovation, among others.

Under the promotion of broadband penetration, Danbattas relentless efforts to enhance broadband connectivity across Nigeria have resulted in substantial improvements in internet access and affordability.

Danbattas welldeserved recognition further solidifies his reputation as a transformative leader and industry trailblazer.

The entire telecommunications industry and the nation, at large, celebrate Danbattas achievements and extend their heartfelt congratulations on the conferment of the 2023 NPOM Award.


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