Chichi Takes a Jab At Her Colleague, Phyna, For ‘Pumping’ Her Ass With ‘Cement’ (

Chichi Takes a Jab At Her Colleague, Phyna, For ‘Pumping’ Her Ass With ‘Cement’


The dynamics of camaraderie and rivalries within the Big Brother Naija universe took a lighthearted yet somewhat cheeky turn as Chinenyenwa Desire Okoebor, affectionately known as Chichi insulted her co-star Phyna Otabor regarding her backside.

Chichi, an alum of the popular reality TV show, chose the microblogging platform Twitter as her stage to invoke a jab at Phyna’s posterior. In her tweet, she suggested that Phyna’s rear end resembled it had been injected with cement, subtly poking fun at the authenticity of her co-star’s claims about her figure.


Fans had speculated that Phyna had undergone surgery to achieve her newly transformed appearance, which she vehemently denied, insisting that her looks were all-natural. In the process of defending her natural beauty, Phyna indirectly playfully derided those who resort to artificial enhancements.

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— UNUSUALPHYNA🎙 (@unusualphyna) August 13, 2023

However, the plot thickened when Phyna shared a video online, showcasing her dancing prowess at a gathering. This footage invited a wave of comments from netizens, some of whom decided to poke fun at her backside. In the midst of this online buzz, Chichi entered the fray, weaving her own contribution into the discourse.

Chichi’s retort to Phyna’s post introduced a tone of whimsical rivalry. She cheekily claimed that Phyna derived inspiration from her, implying her influence in the realm of trends and style. Simultaneously, Chichi painted a humorous image by likening Phyna’s derrière to being “pumped with cement.”

In her tweet, Chichi mused, “Fact remains I am the fountain you fetch your inspirations from. You call Mine silicon, yours is injected cement in your derrier. I’m your Mother! 🐖“.

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