What is Boost Coin, and How Can You Buy the BOOST Token? (academy.moralis.io)

What is Boost Coin, and How Can You Buy the BOOST Token?


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When looking at the above chart, it is important to mind the trading volume. As you can see, the Boost Coin crypto asset wasn’t trading at all between January 31, 2023, and up until the migration took place in September 2023. So, the extrapolation between those points is misleading.

From January 31, 2023, until the launch of the new BOOST smart contract, the token didn’t trade. However, you can see the token’s price action following the successful migration in the above hourly logarithmic chart. As you can see, in the first hour after listing, the price spiked as high as $0.16-ish but closed the candle at $0.012-ish.

BOOST is to BoostSwap what UNI is to Uniswap, or SUSHI is to SushiSwap.

However, we can use CoinGecko’s page for the BOOST coin. There, the price chart entails both the old and the new tokens’ price activity:

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