Gig Workers Are Being Stabbed, Stoned, and Abused in India (

Gig Workers Are Being Stabbed, Stoned, and Abused in India

Now finding the right police station, contacting your insurance in time, getting the ambulance therethese are all things that platforms say they try and help with but there is nothing therewhich again then falls back on the worker.

Uber spokesperson Tomar says that the company gave Devi financial support to cover her loss of earnings as a result of the incident, and that the company helped her claim her medical expenses under Ubers ontrip insurance policy, which covers all drivers on the app. Devi claims that both the insurance money and Ubers financial support for her loss of earnings havent made it into her bank account.

Uber is deeply committed to the safety of drivers on the Uber app, Tomar says. Uber drivers have many of the same transparency and accountability features that riders do, such as feedback and ratings for every trip, GPS tracking, an emergency button, and shared trip feature.

In Delhi, Devi has had enough of Uber, which she says isnt safe or profitable enough to justify the risks.

A single mother, she had to find work to support her two children. That time, many women around me told me that Uber is a good option and the earnings are good, she says. They did not even deduct high commissions back then.

The first time she complained to Uber was in 2020, when a customer verbally attacked her. He was hurling abuses at me.

Everything is online.

Ola did not respond to questions sent by WIRED.

Rathi from CIS says that a responsive grievance mechanism for gig workers is completely absent and continues to be one of the top three demands that workers have. The firms are able to provide more responsive services to customers, he says. The workers are as important if not more than customers, and they should be able to extend the same kind of mechanisms, practices, and policies to workers.

Because workers are often in precarious economic situations and have no jobs to fall back on, being mugged or attacked has a huge impact on their ability to earn.

Some of the platforms do offer limited insurance for gig workers, including for accidents.

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