Using innovation to improve grain quality in Rwanda (

Using innovation to improve grain quality in Rwanda

But for Ngaboyisonga and the clients he represents, the quality of local harvests is just too low. Its an unfortunate situation, but many farmers in Rwanda cant meet the standards of the formal market, he said.

As part of the Rwanda Grain Markets project, the International Finance Corporation (IFC) is supporting two innovative local companies that work to decrease the incidence of aflatoxin, a mouldgrowing carcinogen that is pervasive in local grains.

The result is that even with minimal lost crop, smallholder farmers and grain aggregators increase their incomes by 20, while also ensuring that a safe product is making its way to consumers.

We are trying to democratise the value chain and reach as many farmers and cooperatives as possible to improve grain quality, Kathryn Rendon, managing director of AflaSight, said during a recent tour of the companys warehouse.

The two companies also work together closely After testing, AflaKiosk sends grains with high rates of aflatoxin across town to AflaSight, where maize, as well as peanuts and sorghum, is sorted.

The process reduces an estimated 90 of the aflatoxin present and is the cheapest means of aflatoxin control in Rwanda to date.

AflaSights UV sorter is precise, and so only about 5 of crops it processes are lost.


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