Get ready: SpaceX Starship will try to fly again soon (

Get ready: SpaceX Starship will try to fly again soon

Elon Musk lost his claim as having the most powerful spaceworthy rocket when NASA blasted its own mega rocket to the moon in November.

But the SpaceX founder could win back the title with his company’s next big project Starship.

Though the company was unsuccessful during its first try on April 20 the skyscraping rocket and spacecraft blasted off only to tumble out of control a few minutes later SpaceX is confident its Starship will reach space soon, breaking records and making history.

During an orbital test flight, the colossal booster needs to separate about three minutes after liftoff and drop in the Gulf of Mexico, according to federal filings(opens in a new tab).

The team will likely try again to reach space in “a few months,” Musk said in a tweet after the incident.

This will be a crucial demonstration of hardware that NASA is depending on to get humans back on the moon in the next few years.

And, if successful, it’ll mean Musk is one small step closer to realizing his personal dream of building a city on Mars.

The billionaire business magnate has oversold timelines in the past, but here’s what we know so far about when SpaceX will try this daunting feat again. SEE ALSO SpaceX Starship explodes during Herculean attempt to blast into space Tweet may have been deleted(opens in a new tab)


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