Africa investor upbeat about e-mobility and affordable construction equipment (

Africa investor upbeat about e-mobility and affordable construction equipment


Maris owns part of META Group, a distributor of construction equipment in several African countries.

In part one of our interview with Charlie Tryon, CEO and cofounder of investment holding company Maris Africa, we discussed opportunities in the continents agriculture and forestry sectors.

In part two, we delve into his perspective on the growth potential in emobility, construction equipment distribution, warehousing, and gold mining.

Additionally, we explore the challenges and emerging trends that may influence the future trajectory of these industries.


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      • Maris is active in renewable energy and recently sold a majority stake one its companies Equator Energy. Do you see future potential in the sector
      • Maris owns 50 of the META Group that distributes construction equipment in various countries on the continent. What trends in this industry can you capitalise on
      • You predicted substantial growth in online retail and ecommerce when we last interviewed you in October 2020 did that materialise Did it have the impact you expected on Maris warehousing operations
      • Youve previously stated that Maris gold mining interests have been some of its most successful investments. Is that still the case
      • Are there any sectors Maris is keen on exploring, but hasnt made any investments in so far


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