How African startups can find product-market-fit faster (

How African startups can find product-market-fit faster


He also organizes delegations of leading startups from Kinshasa to participate in the biggest business and tech events in Africa, Europe, and the United States with the goal to look for investors and business partners.

The startup scene in Africa continues to get more media coverage at the local and international levels as entrepreneurs across the continent work to create innovative products and services to meet the needs of their local communities.

But achieving productmarket fit and becoming profitable is a challenge even for the most talented and experienced entrepreneurs.

In this opinion piece for TechCabal, I share strategies that African startups can use to discover product demand, find clients, and become profitable faster.

He advises major startups on their product development, expansion into new countries and fundraising strategies.


    • 1. Identify a clear target market
    • 2. Build relationships with potential clients
    • 3. Prioritize digital marketing
    • 4. Seek strategic partnerships
    • 5. Focus on profitability from the start
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