How Dangote created the biggest refinery in Africa (

How Dangote created the biggest refinery in Africa


Nigeria is the only African country on the top ten list of the largest oilproducing countries in the world Angola, which is Africas secondlargest, stands as the worlds 15th largest oilproducing country as of May 2023.

Nonetheless, despite Nigeria being one of the top ten largest oilproducing countries, Nigeria, surprisingly, is the only country on the top ten list that doesnt refine a single barrel of oil.

Nigeria has three nonfunctional refineries, the PortHarcourt refinery, the Warri refinery and the Kaduna refinery, since the return to democracy in 1999, the country has struggled to keep these refineries functional and in operation.

The launch of this refinery set a new record for Africas petroleum market and the global oil market as a whole.


    • Aliko Dangote the visionary
    • The Ideas inception
    • Planning and execution
    • Unprecedented scale and capacity
    • Job creation and economic growth
    • Technological advancements and energy efficiency
    • Implications for Africa
    • Conclusion


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