Street Fighter 6 review: perfect round (

Street Fighter 6 review: perfect round


From the Drive Impact that can break through an opponents aggression to a Drive Parry that, when timed perfectly, can give you an instant frame advantage, the gauge ensures every character has access to a veritable Swiss army knife of defensive options if managed effectively.

And if that all sounds a bit much, fear not Street Fighter 6s excellent World Tour mode does a great job of getting new players up to speed, presenting opportunities to learn the games systems and each characters move set.

Street Fighter 6s biggest strength is that it is incredibly welcoming.

Street Fighter 6s style lends so much vibrancy to its fights, a far cry from the relatively muted Street Fighter 5.

The actual fighting in Street Fighter 6 wows even more than its remarkable visuals.

Almost every facet of Street Fighter 6 is appealing to the broad audience it targets, and youll have heaps of content to delve into when it launches on June 2.

Developed in Capcoms RE Engine, Street Fighter 6 dazzles with exceptional visuals and style.


    • Around the world
    • Full control
    • Rank up
    • Real World Warriors


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