How to get into medical school in Nigeria (

How to get into medical school in Nigeria


Unfortunately, the haze of the beautiful dream of wanting to become a doctor often blinds us from the reality of achieving it.

The road to becoming a doctor is paved with hardship and each step of the way is riddled with difficulty.

The first hurdle you may face on the path to becoming a doctor is gaining admission into the university as a medical student.

As I said before, it is extremely competitive and the chances of being accepted are quite slim.

Due to this, it is the most competitive course to get into.

Saving lives is a noble cause, and fighting against the ails that could hinder health is a rewarding experience.


    • 1. Have the right mindset
    • 2. Be a good science student
    • 3. Make research
    • 4. Make a detailed plan
    • 5. Write and pass WASSCE and JAMB
    • 6. Write and pass UTME
    • 7. Wait for admission


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