DWF Denies Wintermute’s Market Manipulation Accusations (cryptopotato.com)

DWF Denies Wintermute’s Market Manipulation Accusations

In a recent interview, a DWF Labs executive denied the market manipulation accusations against his firm. The managing partner, Andrei Grachev, said:

Grachev insists that market dynamics and not manipulation drive the anomalies. The DWF Labs executive says that crypto suffers risks of market crashes, which is why they invest in projects.

Even as claims of market manipulation continue, DWF received about 3.3 billion SPELL tokens, valued at approximately $1.57 million, from Abracadabra – Money’s MIM Treasury Wallet.

DWF has emerged from the recent controversy, promptly and emphatically dismissing allegations made in Singapore2049 by Wintemute concerning the former’s participation in crypto market manipulation.

In this year’s Singapore2049, which started on Sept. 18, Wintermute, a popular market maker, has hurled serious allegations against its peer, DWF. Wintermute alleges that DWF is manipulating markets instead of providing liquidity to guide the healthy development of crypto.

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