Why Lawmakers Would Not Stop Off-Cycle Election – Ondo Senator Reveals

Why Lawmakers Would Not Stop Off-Cycle Election – Ondo Senator Reveals

“The Electoral Act says you must have two-thirds of Local Governments’ majority votes but the constitution doesn’t stipulate that. So, there a criteria for winning an election and there are other criteria for tenure. The tenure is in the constitution. Technically, it means that the man who occupied the seat before he was thrown out was not duly elected and was technically, never a governor. However, the constitution and the Electoral Act recognise that while he is still in the office, even if he’s removed at the tribunal, so there won’t be lacuna, he will continue to be governor, until the final decision,” he added.


He voiced worry that the presidential election might eventually turn into an off-cycle election if the nation kept conducting off-season polls.

Making a case for the off-cycle election, Adegbomire, elected to the senate on the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) platform, argued that the off-cycle elections strengthened Nigeria’s democracy.

According to the senator, the off-cycle elections indicated that Nigerians’ votes count.

Naija News reports that the Senator’s comment comes a few days after former Nigerian president Goodluck Jonathan expressed worries over the conduct of off-cycle elections.

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