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Is Gas Leak Repair Business Right for You? Here is Everything You Need to Know

Is Gas Leak Repair Business Right for You? Here is Everything You Need to Know
Written by Okosun John

Many persons are looking for plumber to fix gas leak in their house. Here is how to make money on gas leak repair.

Many people are looking for a plumber to fix a gas leak repair in their house.

Having a gas leak is very dangerous hence when detected homeowners call for the help of a gas leak repair plumber.

This makes gas leak repair a perfect side hustle or even a business to start if you know the ins and outs of how to fix a gas leak in a house.

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Without wasting more time, let’s get started with our post on how to start a gas leak repair business.

What is a Gas Leak?

The most common source of gas for residential appliances is a natural gas line brought in from the city.

Unintended exposure of natural gas from a pipeline or other containment into any area where the gas should not be present is referred to as a Gas leak.

Stoves, furnaces, water heaters, boilers, and dryers may all run on natural gas.

Gas leaks can endanger both people and the environment.

Even a little leak into a building or other enclosed space can build up to a fatal or explosive concentration of gas over time.

This process of getting this leak fixed is referred to as “Gas Leak Repair”.

Who To Call For Gas Leak Repair

The first thing you should do if you suspect a gas leak is to get everyone out of the home, including pets.

Then you may contact the gas company to have the gas shut off,

After which, you need to request the service of a plumber to locate and repair the leak.

Because of the risk of fire or explosion, you should not stay in the house and try to locate and repair the leak yourself.

Who Is Responsible For Gas Line Repair? Homeowner Or Gas Company

Repairs to gas lines are usually done by plumbers and gas company technicians.

Leaks on the gas company’s side of the meter are the responsibility of the gas company, whereas leaks from the meter to the rest of the house are the responsibility of the homeowner.

If you smell gas on your property, you’ll almost certainly need a plumber to fix it.

When a team of skilled plumbers arrives, they will ask questions in order to find the leak in the shortest amount of time possible.

They may turn off the gas quickly if there is a large leak.

They’ll then perform thorough tests to pinpoint the source of the leak.

This could entail using compressed air to pressurize the line, soaping any exposed fittings, isolating lines, accessing lines through the wall, and excavating lines underground.

But if the link is not on your side, then you need to call the gas company so they can send their technicians over.

Minor gas leak repair cost

The typical cost of repairing a gas line is from $150 to $700, with most homes spending $400 to replace a piece of the damaged pipe.

However, the cost of repairing a pipe varies depending on a number of factors, including the type of pipe and the type of repair.

According to, the minor gas leak repair cost is $100 for removing rust from a tiny pipe portion that is easily accessible.

How To Fix A Gas Leak In House

The gas pipes that supply the appliances we use every day deteriorate as buildings age.

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gas pipe
Credits: Pixabay

Natural gas leaks are both harmful and prevalent in many houses.

Gas leaks do happen, and it’s better to deal with them as soon as possible to avoid dangerous and even lethal situations.

Fortunately, most gas leaks in your house are not too difficult to repair by a professional. To keep your house secure, catch the leak early and deal with it swiftly.

Here are important steps on how to fix a gas leak in the house;

Signs of Gas Leak

Because of the smell added to natural gas, major leakage are usually detectable right away. 

Nevertheless, in certain circumstances, the leak may be so little that homeowners are ignorant of it, therefore there are additional indicators to look for. 

You may hear a hissing sound when the gas escapes the pipes if the leak is where the gas line links to an appliance. 

Exposure signs will appear in both pets and humans, but you may detect them quicker in your animals.

Nausea, dizziness, lethargy, and a loss of appetite are some of the symptoms. Your indoor plants may all start to die at the same time, and this can happen quickly.

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Here are the common signs of a gas leak to look at for;

Increased Utility Bill

A bloated utility bill is an obvious indication of a gas leak. 

Your bill will most certainly increase if there is a gas leak; make sure to check your utility bill on a frequent basis. 

If you detect any irregularities, call a gas leak repair professional to inspect the situation and fix the issue before it worsens.

Sulphur-like Smell

If you suspect a gas line leak in your home, the scent is the first indicator.

Sulfur is injected into natural gas lines specifically for this purpose.

The rotten egg or sulfur-like odor of gas isn’t caused by the gas itself; instead, the gas company adds a substance to it to help discover a leak simpler.

Gas odors are unpleasant to most homes, and they are a clear indication that you should contact a repair service.

If you smell rotten eggs, it’s time to hire a plumber to fix your gas line.

Hissing Sound

Another important approach to detect a gas leak in your home is to listen.

You may hear clanging and pounding coming from your gas lines, or you may hear a hissing sound.

Gas is escaping if you hear hissing noises coming from a pipe or a gas appliance.


If you suspect a gas leak in your home, the last thing you should do is investigate the area around your gas line.

If your gas line is next to a window, expect increased condensation on the glass as a result of the escaping gas.

If you notice patches of dead grass or blackish green dirt near a gas line in your yard, it’s possible that a leak has exposed sensitive vegetation to the deadly gas.

What to Do If You Have a Gas Leak

There are a few things to keep in mind if you have a gas leak in your home.

In the event of an emergency, you should know where your gas shutoff valves are located and how to operate them.

Don’t use a cell phone, don’t open the garage door, and don’t turn on the light.

In the presence of a gas odor, never smoke or have an open flame. In the region of the leak, do not start a vehicle.

If the smell of gas becomes unbearable, leave the house immediately and contact your local gas company to have the gas turned off.

Call a plumber to fix gas leak

If you smell gas on your property, you’ll almost certainly need a plumber to fix it.

One reason to call a plumber about a gas leak repair is that a source is frequently an appliance with which a plumber is familiar.

Natural gas is delivered to water heaters, furnaces, and kitchen stoves using pipes similar to those used in water piping.

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A plumber is trained to correctly fit the pipes so that the fitting does not leak.

A gas leak could also develop due to a break in the line somewhere other than the fitting, making it impossible to detect the specific spot without the proper skills and tools.

How to Start a Gas Leak Repair Plumbing Business

Gas leakage is dangerous. When not properly fixed, it could lead to a fire.

Credits: Pixabay

Hence homeowners always want the services of a plumber who is good at gas leak repair. This demand for plumbers makes gas leak repair a business niche you could try out.

Are you interested in offering gas leak repair services? Here is what you need to know

Acquire Plumbing Skills

Gas leak repair is a service that requires having knowledge of plumbing.

You need to be able to carry out plumbing duties such as detecting areas of gas leaks, fixing broken pipes, or replacing them.

A plumber is needed for this job to ensure the gas leak repair is well fixed. Hence, get registered for classes in plumbing before attempting to start a gas leak repair business.

Perform Competition research

One way to always decide from the early stages of starting a business is to perform competition research.

What’s this all about?

You would want to know how businesses in the same line are performing. Let’s assume there are about 5 plumbers in your area.

And each of these plumbers is struggling to survive. No jobs, No finances, etc

Would you still want to start a plumbing business? I guess NOT.

Hence, take your time and study the competition. See what your competitors are doing right and wrong.

And that would be a good place to get started.

Find a Name & Logo for your business

You have got to find that name that sticks. Nobody wants their customers to forget their names.

Then how are they going to recommend you to their friends and family?

This is exactly why you need a name that sticks. How do you make a name stick?

Ensure the name is short and has the initials of what you are doing.

Here is something to try out

  1. Your name + Plumber
  2. Nickname + Gas Leak Plumber

A little child recalls coca-cola by just seeing the logo.

The same should be for your gas leak repair business. You need to create a logo that would interpret your line of work.

Are you a repairer? let there be some graphic design that presents that. Logos are easy to create.

You can use online tools to create one yourself or hire the services of a logo designer.

Business registration & Legal requirements

If you intend on running your gas leak repair services as a low-key side hustle then you wouldn’t need to have business registration done.

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But if you intend on growing it as a business, then you need to get registered.

Follow the legal requirements offered in your state and get your plumbing services started.

Apply for permits & Business insurance

In most states, you would need a permit for a lot of things.

Personally, I think permits should be issued to plumbers who perform gas leak repairs.

Because a bad job done by these guys could lead to a property catastrophe and also the loss of lives.

However, all states don’t work the same way.

If the state you reside in requires you to have some permits. Go ahead and get time before starting.

What about Insurance?… Insurance is expensive, we all know that.

But the thing is, it could also be a lifesaver.

You need to ensure your business is ensured. This will give customers more comfort when it comes to dealing with you.

How to promote Gas Leak Repair Plumbing business

Now that you have started your gas leak repair job or you probably already do. How do you promote your business?

Credits: Pixabay

How do you get customers to patronize you?

There are a lot of ways but below are a few that always work!

Build a website

A website, you could see as having an office but this time you don’t need to rent an apartment or get furniture.

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Because everything is on the internet.

Having a website could bring you a lot of customers while saving a lot of expenses.

Irrespective of the size of your gas leak repair business, having a website would be ideal to get more clients.

People search the web all day for things they want. They need to find you there.

So here is what you are going to do

  1. Hire a developer
  2. Build a website yourself

Word of mouth advertising

I still think word of mouth is one of the best ways to get your new business started.

When you just kick off your business, it would really promote your service if you make a few calls to friends and relations.

And that’s not all.

You could visit your neighbors and tell them about your plumbing services.

Business Listings

Are listings going into exile? I doubt that.

People still visit directories to find the right guy for the job.

You have to position yourself to be found.

First, you want to search for business listing directories in your state. Publish your new service there for local viewers to see.

Also, you can create a Google business page. This can be very helpful.

Especially in displaying your business to potential customers on search engines.

Social Media Advertising

Social media advertising can be expensive but when done well, it becomes effective.

Platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, etc. receive millions of users every month. You can take this as a huge market to sell your skill.

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All you need is knowledge of digital marketing or you can even hire a digital marketer to help you promote your business online.

Natural Gas Leak Equipment

Expertise, tools, and procedures are used by a gas leak plumbing professional to discover the source of the leak and determine how to repair it.

Below are common gas leak repair equipment to have handy;

  1. Gas detectors
  2. LLFA tape
  3. Trident-seal

Gas Detector

A gas leak detector can literally save your life.

They work in different ways depending on the gas, and the device should be used according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

When a combustible or poisonous gas is detected, gas leak sensors display a reading, sound audio or visual alarm, and/or send a text message to your phone.

Install them according to the manufacturer’s recommendations so they’re in the right place, such as outside a bedroom for a carbon monoxide detector or near a gas appliance for a combustible gas detector.

LLFA Tape Natural Gas (Gas Leak Repair Tape)

LLFA Tape natural gas leak repair tape is a self-fusing silicone-based tape that is now utilized as a temporary or permanent repair for natural gas leaks in adverse weather conditions.

LLFA’s strength makes it a capable insulation solution as well as a great puncture repair product.

Because the fusing operation occurs so quickly, a perforated hose or pipe firmly wrapped in LLFA will immediately withstand internal pressure.

Other products, unlike LLFA, are less efficient under extreme cold or humid environments.

On the hottest days, LLFA Tape may be found on the dashboard of your truck, and on the coldest nights, it can be found in your toolbox.

Trident-Seal Leak Repair Kit (Natural Gas Leak Sealant)

There is various natural gas leak repair kits you can try out.

One of them is the Trident-Seal live natural gas repair kit. Here is what you need to know…

Active leaks up to 60 psi are sealed with the Trident-Seal live natural gas repair kit. It can be used to fix joint leaks, manifold leaks, pinhole leaks, online repairs, and live gas leaks, among other things.

The operating service temperature of the system is -50 to 250 degrees Fahrenheit, and the application temperature is 0 to 150 degrees Fahrenheit.

The kit can be used with pipes ranging in diameter from 1/2 to 21/2 inches, as well as rolls measuring 2 by 5.8 inches, 3 by 10.4 inches, and 4 by 17.3 inches.

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