How to create your first forum post

JokosHQ allows you to share posts with it’s millions of daily viewing and to make this possible, we have create a text editor which would enable you create post, upload images, add links, choose categories and tags etc.

The below beginner’s guide on creating your first post on our forum, will take you through

  1. Composing a title and description
  2. Uploading media content including videos, images and audio files
  3. Linking to an external website
  4. Add tags and choosing a category
  5. Boosting your post immediately after publishing

Step 1 – Identifying the Post Publish Page #

Getting to the post publish page could be hectic for beginners however it is very easy to identify.

On mobile: The post create button is located at the bottom scroll bar. You can easily identify the plus button show below.

On PC: The post create button is located at the top bar alongside the header. You can easily identify it by the plus icon as shown below.

— image —

Step 2 – Composing title #

The title is the most important part of your post. It drives the message of your content and hence should be well written in good format.

Good title format

  1. 5 ways to identify a potential employer after an interview
  2. Why your andriod phone needs a battery change after 4 years of usage etc

Bad title format

  1. potential employer
  2. phone battery change

Step 3 – Uploading media content #

Media content such as videos, images etc. help to drive post content understanding through visual representation, hence it is always of good practice to include one or more media files to a post you create.

However, it is of best practice for such media file to be of great importance to the post.

It is easily to upload media. On the title compose screen, identify the media upload button marked below

Click on it and the media screen would slide up. Click upload media and you would get access to select your preferred media from your computer or mobile device.

Step 4 – Adding External Links #

As part of our publishing policy, we do not allow posting of copyrighted content by users with out license, hence the external link option, allows you to link to the actual source of content after writing just a few words.

You can use this format to link to posts already on your blogs or other websites.

To do this, identify the link button marked in the below picture and click on it. The linking box will show up where you are allowed to add just one link.

Note: The link should not direct to a

  1. Dead page
  2. Deceptive page etc.

Step 5 – Adding Tags and Topic #

Tags and topics allow people to find your post quickly. As they allow you publish your post in the right segment without necessary targeting a wrong audience.

To add a tag, simply identify the # button marked in the below picture.

Step 6 – Adding Description #

This part carries the whole context of your post. You can write as many words as you like. But, however, ensure to keep up with proper text formatting without shouting.

You can find this on the page after you click the next button.

After creating and editing your post, feel free to click the submit button and your post will be published automatically. With some token charges as stated in the community policy page.