Welcome to JokosHQ, where your contributions are not just appreciated but also rewarded! We have designed a comprehensive rewards system to make your experience on our forum even more enjoyable. In this guide, we will walk you through the three main components of our reward system: Naira, Tokens, and Points.

1. Naira – Your Real-World Rewards

What is Naira?

Naira is the equivalent of the Nigerian currency (NGN). It’s real money that you can withdraw and use in the physical world.

How to Earn Naira?

Users do not earn Naira directly. Instead, you accumulate Tokens by participating in various activities on JokosHQ. At the end of each month, these Tokens are automatically converted into Naira.

Conversion Rate from Tokens to Naira

We calculate the total revenue generated from the forum each month. Then, we use the total Tokens earned by all users to determine the value of each Token for that month. This value is used to convert your Tokens into Naira.

2. Tokens – Your Monthly Earnings

What are Tokens?

Tokens represent your earnings for a given month. You accumulate Tokens by actively engaging in the forum, such as creating content, sharing posts, making comments, and more.

Token Benefits:

Tokens may not be withdrawn as cash, but they have a significant role in our reward system. At the end of each month, they are converted to Naira based on the forum’s monthly earnings.

Earning Tokens:

The more you engage on JokosHQ, the more Tokens you earn. Each activity on the platform contributes to your Token balance. The specific Token-to-activity ratios will vary based on your user rank.

Activity Types and Token Values:

For a detailed list of activity types and their corresponding Token values, please visit our dedicated task page. Go to User profile >> Rewards >> Tasks.

3. Points – Climbing the Ranks

What are Points?

Points are a measure of your activity and contributions on JokosHQ. They are used to determine your user rank.

User Ranks

We have five user ranks, each with its own unique benefits:

  • Journeyman: Your starting rank.
  • Pro (x2): Earn twice as many Tokens per activity compared to a Journeyman.
  • Guru (x3): Earn three times as many Tokens per activity compared to a Journeyman.
  • Master (x4): Earn four times as many Tokens per activity compared to a Journeyman.
  • Legend (x5): Earn five times as many Tokens per activity compared to a Journeyman.

Earning Points:

You accumulate Points by actively participating in the forum. The more activities you engage in, the more Points you earn. Points contribute to your rank, and as you climb the ranks, you unlock higher earning multipliers for Tokens.

Rank Advancement:

To advance to a higher rank, you need to earn a certain number of Points. Your rank determines how many Tokens you earn for each activity, increasing your monthly earnings potential.

Point Requirements for Ranks:

  • Pro: 5,000 Points
  • Guru: 20,000 Points
  • Master: 100,000 Points
  • Legend: 1,000,000 Points

Benefits of Each Rank:

Climbing the ranks not only boosts your Points but also comes with exclusive privileges, including access to premium content, priority support, and more. Higher ranks also multiply your Token earnings per activity.

4. Affiliate Earnings

Refer a Friend, Earn Rewards

You have the opportunity to earn even more on JokosHQ through our affiliate program. For every user you refer to our platform, you will receive 10% of their monthly Naira conversion earnings as your affiliate commission.

How It Works

  1. Share your unique affiliate link with friends and acquaintances.
  2. When they join JokosHQ and earn Naira through the rewards system, you receive 10% of their monthly Naira earnings as your commission.
  3. Your affiliate earnings are automatically added to your Naira balance at the end of each month.

5. Redemption Process

How to Withdraw Naira:

You can withdraw your Naira earnings to your local bank account, which you must set up on your payment page. Here are the withdrawal details:

  • Minimum Withdrawal: ₦5,000
  • Maximum Withdrawal: ₦100,000
  • To withdraw, simply visit the “Rewards” page in your profile.


Source of Forum Revenue:

We generate revenue primarily from ads placements on our platform. We allocate 62% of the ads revenue back to our users as part of the rewards system.

6. Updates to the Reward System

Flexibility for Improvement:

We believe in continuously enhancing your experience on JokosHQ. As a result, we reserve the right to make adjustments and improvements to the rewards system. These changes may be made to ensure fairness, sustainability, and the overall quality of our community.

7. Penalties for Manipulation

Fair Play Policy

We value honesty and fairness within our community. Any attempt to manipulate or exploit the rewards system, engage in fraudulent activities, or violate our terms of service will result in penalties. Penalties may include a reduction in Points, suspension, or even permanent removal from the platform.

8. Need Further Assistance?

Contact Us If you have any questions, concerns, or require further assistance regarding our rewards system, feel free to contact our support team. We’re here to help and ensure that your experience on JokosHQ is enjoyable and rewarding.


In summary, JokosHQ’s rewards system is designed to recognize and reward your active participation. You accumulate Tokens by engaging in various forum activities, and at the end of each month, these Tokens are automatically converted into Naira based on the forum’s earnings. Additionally, your Points determine your user rank, which in turn affects how many Tokens you earn per activity. So, get involved, earn Points, climb the ranks, and enjoy the rewards of being a valued member of our community!