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Homeowners Insurance for Mobile Homes: Coverage Review & Best Companies

homeowners insurance for mobile homes
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Today, I’m going to show you Homeowners Insurance for Mobile Homes: Coverage Review & Best Companies.

You want to safeguard everything that is essential to you, including your home, valuables, and hard-earned money. Mobile homes also known as manufactured and modular homes are all built-in factories rather than on construction sites. Mobile home insurance is much like a standard homeowners insurance policy as it provides financial protection in the event that your home is damaged.

Owning a mobile home has special considerations such as qualifying for an insurance policy. Homeowners insurance for mobile homes offers liability, loss of use, medical payments, dwelling, other structures, and personal property coverage. Mobile home insurance is very similar to standard homeowners insurance.

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Mobile and manufactured homes rest on a movable chassis and never include more than a single level. If your manufactured home gets damaged, homeowners insurance for mobile homes coverage offers you protection against financial hardship with regards to repairs or rebuild. Modular homes can have multiple stories and sit on a foundation similar to traditional houses.

While homeowners insurance for mobile homes is not required by law, mortgage companies and mobile home communities may require that homeowners purchase coverage. That’s true whether your home was built where it is or delivered. Fortunately, there are specialized mobile home insurance policies that provide coverage for specific hazards such as storms and water damage.

The cost of a mobile home policy is affected by factors such as the usage of lighter building materials and the possibility of transit damage. Motorhome insurance is available in a variety of forms and levels, similar to standard household items insurance. Although the phrases “mobile” and “made” are sometimes used interchangeably, they have distinct meanings.

The specific coverage of a mobile home insurance policy is determined by the policy you choose. You can rely on firms recognized for their normal house insurance to discover the finest RV insurance.

What is mobile home insurance?

Mobile and manufactured homes are essentially the same thing. Homeowners insurance for mobile homes is insurance that covers any dwelling that falls under the manufactured home definition. Mobile home insurance covers the cost of repairing or replacing your house and belongings. The cost of mobile home insurance is comparable to that of standard household insurance.

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If you own a mobile or manufactured home, this insurance coverage offers you protection against financial hardship if your manufactured home gets damaged. These homes always have a HUD label. A manufactured home is just what the government calls mobile homes if they were built after June 15, 1976. it’s important to have mobile home insurance coverage to protect your investment and family’s finances.

What does mobile home insurance cover?

Insurance coverage for mobile homes is often comparable to that of a normal homeowners insurance. You may tailor your insurance by changing the coverage limits and adding endorsements. Mobile home insurance covers the cost of repairing or replacing your house and possessions, as well as providing coverage for your housing and property.

  1. Dwelling coverage
  2. Personal property coverage
  3. Liability coverage
  4. Loss of Use/Additional Living Expenses (ALE)

Older Mobile Home Insurance

Obtaining insurance for an older mobile home might be challenging. This is due to the fact that mobile houses were not strictly controlled until 1976. Homes built before June 15, 1976, were mobile homes. While properties designed after 1976 are considered manufactured homes. In 1976, HUD developed the Manufactured Home Construction and Safety Standards (MHCSS).

it’s important to understand the difference between mobile homes and manufactured homes. Nevertheless, homeowners looking to get insurance for older mobile homes should contact an independent agent. If you own an older mobile home, you will need mobile home insurance which is costly because mobile homes built before 1976 had unregulated building standards, not manufactured home insurance. Does this answer the question? “What’s the Difference Between Mobile Homes and Manufactured Homes”.

How to find a cheap mobile home insurance quote

If you’re looking for a mobile home insurance policy, you should get quotes for different types of coverage, including any additional riders. Here are three tips for finding cheap mobile home insurance quote online.

  • Compare quotes: When shopping around for mobile home insurance, compare quotes for identical coverage limits from multiple insurers. When comparing policies, make sure to look at the basis of any claims settlement. Balance a variety of considerations when making your purchase. That way you can see what you’re covered for and compare the best pricing options. Try to find a policy with replacement value.
  • Ask for discounts: Just because you find a quote that’s the lowest price doesn’t mean that you should go with that policy. Be sure to get all the discounts that match your mobile home owner profile.
  • Research customer satisfaction: Companies with good customer ratings are often times the best. Don’t choose a company on price alone.
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Insurance companies for mobile homes

Mobile home insurance covers houses built in a factory and transported to a location. Although mobile home insurance isn’t available from all insurers. Here are a few of the home insurance companies that do provide such policies, you can get coverage through these companies, though some only work through affiliates.

  1. Foremost
  2. Progressive
  3. Farmers
  4. Allstate
  5. American family
  6. American modern
  7. Geico

Progressive homeowners insurance for mobile homes

Founded in 1937 as an auto insurance company. Progressive is distinguished for its competitive home insurance prices. Third-party providers provide Progressive house insurance plans. Progressive provides regular house insurance plans that provide a broad array of coverages, but it does not provide alternatives for additional dwelling coverage. If you have a Progressive car insurance policy, you may qualify for an auto discount which is valuable coverage for homeowners who have cars.

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Progressive is a formidable contender in the homeowners insurance market. Through Progressive Advantage Agency, Progressive operates as an agent, matching customers with a home insurance. Progressive is now the nation’s tenth largest home insurer. Progressive currently provides an incredible range of insurance products and services to consumers.

You can acquire an estimate and buy a policy online, over the phone, or through an agent portal from a local agent. Mayfield Village, Ohio, is the company’s headquarters. Insurance businesses such as National General Insurance are affiliates.

Farmers mobile home insurance

Farmers Insurance is an insurance carrier based in Woodland Hills. Farmers mobile home Insurance makes it easy to buy home insurance.  Farmers Insurance was founded in 1928. Farmers works with a huge network of agents to provide a wide range of house insurance policies, as well as several savings and unique coverage alternatives, such as policy bundling.

Farmers insurance offers mobile home insurance in 50 states. Farmers insurance sells its policies through agents, and your agent can help you determine what coverage is the best fit for you and your needs. Farmers Insurance is a leading home and property insurance provider.

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Farmers insurance insures single-family homes, condos, mobile homes, manufactured homes, speciality homes like investment properties and even vacant homes. Farmers Insurance provides a variety of basic coverage alternatives for your home, whether it is a rental, a condo, a mobile home, or a property you own.

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Allstate mobile home insurance

Allstate Insurance provides adequate Mobile home insurance as well as a variety of extra alternatives, but it falls short on several fundamentals. Allstate Insurance, located in Northbrook, was founded in 1931 and provides Mobile home insurance in 49 states.

Allstate Insurance is the country’s second-biggest home insurer, offering a wide range of products such as car and life insurance, IRAs, and 529 plans. For overall performance, Allstate Insurance scored four out of five stars. If you own a mobile home, you should think about getting mobile home insurance.

Allstate Insurance is one of the country’s largest insurance companies. With Allstate mobile home insurance policy, you can rest easy at night without worrying about paying for repair and reconstruction services out of pocket.  Allstate Insurance provides standard mobile home insurance much like other companies, such as actual cash and/or replacement cost coverage for your mobile home structure and personal property.

If you’re looking for a well-known company that can provide all of your policies, Allstate mobile home insurance will be a good fit.

Geico homeowners insurance for mobile homes

Geico homeowners insurance for mobile homes insurance offers dwelling coverage, personal property coverage, and personal liability coverage, GEICO homeowners insurance agency could help you get the affordable home insurance coverage you need. Geico homeowners insurance for mobile home insurance is available in 47 states, Insuring a manufactured or mobile home doesn’t have to be complicated, whether you live there year-round or seasonally.

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Geico homeowners insurance for mobile homes is a property insurance policy that provides coverage for a private residence. Geico homeowners insurance for mobile homes policy typically covers losses and damages to your personal residence, as well as furnishings and certain other assets within your home. The policies are underwritten by Geico’s insurance agency partner, Assurant, Inc.

This means that Assurant accepts the liability and guarantees the payment for covered loss or damage, but Geico backs the guarantee with its financial strength. Geico mobile home insurance may also provide liability coverage for certain types of incidents that occur within your house or on your land. A homes insurance coverage is usually required by mortgage lenders.

That’s the end of our guide on Homeowners Insurance for Mobile Homes: Coverage Review & Best Companies.

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