How much does guanfacine cost without insurance?

The cost of an item not covered by insurance varies from one pharmacy to another. It may also depend on the type of insurance you have. But regardless of the method you choose to pay for your medication, the following information should give you an idea of what to expect in terms of cost.

What is guanfacine

If you’re looking for a drug to treat high blood pressure, you might have heard of guanfacine. While there are several types of blood pressure medications available, guanfacine is sometimes used alone or as an addition to another drug.

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Is there a generic guanfacine ER?

The manufacturer is considering making a generic form of guanfacine ER. However, if you have health insurance, it’s worth knowing that most insurance plans cover medications such as guanfacine ER.

For example, Medco Health Solutions reports that 97 percent of all commercial policies and 94 percent of Medicare Part D cover guanfacine ER; there are no copays or deductibles for most people with health

Suppose you don’t have prescription coverage for medications. In that case, it might be a good idea to find out if your state has a pharmaceutical assistance program (PAP). Such programs provide free or low-cost drugs to those who can’t afford them.

How much does guanfacine cost without insurance?

The actual cost of guanfacine can vary based on where you get it from. The average retail price of guanfacine is $86.08 a month without insurance.

What are the side effects of guanfacine?

Side effects of guanfacine may include fatigue, lightheadedness, and headache. Serious side effects are rare and are more likely to occur in patients who take large doses or experience a sudden drop in blood pressure.

Be sure to let your doctor know about any side effects you experience. Suppose you find the side effects of guanfacine too difficult to handle. In that case, your doctor can alter the dosage or switch you over to another medication.

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