How Much is Insurance on a Chevy Cruze? [Everything You Need to Know]

If you’re looking to purchase a Chevy Cruze, and want to know how much is Insurance on a Chevy Cruze, you’ve come to the right place!

This article will provide you with all the information that you need in order to make an informed decision about your coverage needs and budget.

Whether you’re thinking about purchasing an insurance policy online or through an agent, it’s important to have all of the facts before making your decision.

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Let’s take a look at what you need to know when considering auto insurance on this vehicle.

What is a Chevy Cruze?

A Chevy Cruze is a mid-size sedan produced by General Motors (GM). Introduced in 2008, it replaced the Chevy Cobalt and features a four-cylinder engine, a 1.4L turbocharged model or a 2.0L turbocharged engine.

The Cruze has proven popular for GM; of its 3 million units sold worldwide, about one third were delivered to North America.

The Chevy Cruze is more than just an affordable compact car—it’s one of Chevrolet’s most popular vehicles. And it’s easy to see why: with great fuel economy, sharp handling and an all-around stylish appearance, it’s hard not to like the little sedan.

Chevrolet offers both sedan and hatchback body styles for several trim levels in more than a dozen countries around the world. In addition to being sold as new vehicles, secondhand Cruzes are offered by Chevy dealers through an online auction website for damaged and recovered vehicles called Copart Direct .

Is a Chevy Cruze Considered a Sports Car?

Sports cars get all of the attention, but it’s easy to forget that there are plenty of stylish vehicles with mid-size, family car underpinnings. The Chevy Cruze is one such vehicle. It doesn’t quite have the power or performance capabilities of a sports car, but it offers plenty in terms of style and a smooth ride.

Is a Chevy Cruze Good for a High-Risk Driver?

It can be hard for high-risk drivers to find insurance that doesn’t cost them an arm and a leg. A chevy cruze sedan with all-wheel drive may be an affordable option.

The Chevrolet Cruze has some safety features which will protect you in case of an accident, and comes standard with traction control, stability control, antilock brakes, front airbags, side airbags and full curtain airbags.

When your automobile is fitted with all these things from factory it lowers your insurance rates over similar cars without safety equipment. Traction control will prevent you from skidding or spinning out of control in wet or snowy conditions while stability control can prevent your car from flipping over when cornering.

Insurance For Chevy Cruze

The Chevrolet Cruze was introduced in 2008 and has been popular with GM customers ever since. With its fuel efficiency, modern styling, high-tech features and more, it’s no wonder it’s been so successful.

But not all Chevys are created equal; when you’re buying a car like the Cruze, you’ll want to know about insurance rates for that model as well.

  • How much does insurance cost for a Chevrolet Cruze?
  • And what factors go into that price tag?

If you’re interested in how much your own insurance might cost if you buy a Cruze or other Chevy model (or even how much someone else’s might cost), we have answers.

What does Insurance For Chevy Cruze Cover?

When you’re driving a new Chevy Cruze, it’s nice to know that your insurance covers damage that may happen. The typical insurance for Chevy Cruze includes collision and comprehensive coverage.

Collision protects you if your car hits something or rolls over, and comprehensive protects you from all other accidents, such as theft or vandalism.

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When thinking about how much is insurance on a chevy cruze make sure you look at both of these options as one does not replace another (though some companies will allow you to purchase them separately).

While collision will likely cost more than comprehensive in monthly premiums, it could save money in repairs if there are minimal damages.

Are Chevrolet Cruzes Expensive to Insure?

The answer to that question, unfortunately, isn’t cut and dry. The cost of car insurance varies from company to company and between models of vehicles from each brand.

You’ll have to shop around to get quotes from different providers, then do your research before deciding which one offers coverage at a price you can afford.

For example, even though Chevrolet Cruzes are generally more expensive than some other cars—according to CarsDirect’s latest data (as of October 2017), it ranked in 15th place for average price of insurance among all models sold in America—the popular Cruze sedan is surprisingly affordable when compared with similarly sized options in its segment like Honda Civics and Toyota Corollas.

How Much is Insurance on a Chevy Cruze?

The average insurance costs $1,277 per year, i.e the national average is $151 more expensive. Depending on the vehicle insurance company, the cost of insuring a Chevrolet Cruze might vary by as much as $673 each year. Individual prices of Chevy Cruze will vary depending on the model year of the vehicle, the insurance provider, the driver profile, and the area.

Why is Chevy Cruze Insurance So Expensive?

The answer has more to do with popularity than quality. Insurance companies know that owners of popular cars are among their most profitable customers, and insurance companies charge them higher premiums for that reason. The fact that it’s easy to find good parts from third-party vendors, like eBay, also makes them less likely to be stolen.

Other reasons you may need high insurance coverage include: Features: Chevrolet sells several different models of Cruze and each includes additional features and add-ons that can increase your premium.

Ways to Save on Chevrolet Cruze Insurance

While insurance prices vary widely, there are several ways to save on Chevrolet Cruze Insurance, including shopping around and comparing prices with your current insurer.

How Much is Insurance on a Chevy Cruze? [Everything You Need to Know], JokosHQ
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You can also take advantage of safe-driving discounts, bundling coverage with other policies and making sure you’re getting enough liability protection in case you cause an accident.

Also, if you qualify for a low-mileage discount or have taken extra driver courses such as defensive driving or road rage mitigation, your car insurance company might offer savings too.

Finally, it’s worth mentioning that some things that aren’t reflected in rates can end up saving money on car insurance.

Shop for Car Insurance and Compare Quotes

Shop for car insurance quotes to make sure you’re getting a great deal and using your money wisely. And then, before you finalize anything, be sure to read all of your paperwork so you can understand exactly what coverage you’re paying for.

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Most companies offer their products through multiple channels; it’s always best to compare quotes between carriers before choosing one that works for you.

Bundle Your Policies for Better Coverage

Bundling insurance policies is a way to save on your insurance costs. It’s common for drivers to bundle auto and home insurance, but did you know you can bundle life, health, and property insurance too? By opting for a bundled policy with one insurer, you might be able to save money on premiums.

Take a Defensive Driving Course

One easy way to save on car insurance for young drivers is to take a defensive driving course. These courses can help you improve your driving skills and make fewer accidents happen in your future. Talk to your insurance company about available options.

Consider Paying High Deductibles

Many insurance providers will give you a lower quote on your auto insurance if you are willing to pay a higher deductible. By doing so, you’ll save a substantial amount of money.

However, should an accident occur and you have to pay out of pocket for all or most of it, then that could end up costing you a lot more than paying your yearly premium in full.

Top Chevrolet Cruze Insurance Companies

Comparing car insurance quotes between companies can save you tons of money, but not all companies are created equal.

In fact, some insurers are specifically targeting young drivers and offering lower rates for those who have just started driving or who have clean records.

If you’re looking for insurance coverage and don’t know where to start, these five top Chevrolet Cruze insurance companies may be able to help:

  1. Progressive
  2. State Farm
  3. The General
  4. Erie 5.
  5. Allstate

State Farm Insurance

State Farm, one of America’s biggest and most famous insurance companies, specializes in home, auto and business insurance. Its Chevy Cruze coverage includes collision coverage for damage to your Cruze caused by an accident.

But what about other forms of insurance for your car—liability, comprehensive and more? State Farm provides policies on all these components as well. It also covers rental cars in case you have to put your Cruze in for repairs.

Allstate Insurance

Allstate offers insurance for Chevy Cruze models. Allstate’s high-quality service and variety of insurance packages make it easy for you to choose what you need, whether that’s simple or comprehensive protection. Get an insurance quote from Allstate and start saving today!

Progressive Insurance

Insurance companies will typically base their quotes off of your credit score, age, gender and driving record. Progressive Insurance also has many offers and discounts that you can use to reduce your car insurance premium.

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If you’re looking for affordable auto insurance for your Chevy Cruze, consider Progressive Insurance.

Chevrolet Cruze Insurance Factors & Rates

Pricing an insurance policy for your Chevrolet Cruze depends greatly on three factors: where you live, your driving record and your deductible.

How Much is Insurance on a Chevy Cruze? [Everything You Need to Know], JokosHQ
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Insurance companies use what’s called risk-based pricing as a way of figuring out how much each vehicle owner should pay in premiums. This means that if you live in an area known for traffic accidents, you will most likely have to pay more than someone who lives in an area that has less collisions.

The same can be said about drivers with a history of accidents or tickets; however, insurance companies also take into account those who were recently involved in serious wrecks and made better choices since then, lowering their rates accordingly.

Chevrolet Cruze Insurance Rates by US City

Where you live and where you drive can determine how much you pay for your insurance. Our Chevrolet Cruze Insurance Rates by US City table below will give you an overview of what drivers in major US cities pay.

  • Los Angeles, CA – $2,448
  • New York, NY – $2,264
  • Houston, TX – $2,243
  • Jacksonville, FL – – $2,077
  • Philadelphia, PA – $1,918
  • Chicago, IL – $1,891
  • Phoenix, AZ – $1,662
  • Seattle, WA – $1,388
  • Indianapolis, IN – $1,218
  • Columbus, OH – $1,187

Chevrolet Cruze Insurance Rates by Age of Vehicle

Based on our research, it looks like insurance rates for Chevrolet Cruze cars vary wildly. This variance mostly depends on what age of vehicle you’re driving and whether it has an anti-theft device installed.

For example, older models of Chevrolet Cruze without anti-theft devices will typically cost less to insure than new models with advanced safety features.

  • 2020 CHEVROLET CRUZE – $1,431
  • 2019 CHEVROLET CRUZE – $1,413
  • 2018 CHEVROLET CRUZE – $1,405
  • 2017 CHEVROLET CRUZE – $1,397
  • 2016 CHEVROLET CRUZE – $1,381
  • 2015 CHEVROLET CRUZE – $1,362
  • 2014 CHEVROLET CRUZE – $1,321
  • 2013 CHEVROLET CRUZE – $1,291
  • 2012 CHEVROLET CRUZE – $1,239
  • 2011 CHEVROLET CRUZE – $1,193

Chevrolet Cruze Insurance Rates by Driver Age

The Chevrolet Cruze car insurance rates are highly dependent upon your age and driving history. This is especially true if you’re younger than 25 years old. If you fall into that category, it’s going to cost more to insure your vehicle than if you were older.

  • Teen Driver – $5,233
  • Age 20 – $3,245
  • Age 30 – $1,496
  • Age 40 – $1,433
  • Age 50 – $1,305
  • Age 60 – $1,278

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Most people in their 20s pay an average of $3,245/year for coverage when they buy car insurance.

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