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Insurance On A Ford Raptor

how much is insurance on a ford raptor
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how much is insurance on a ford raptor? The Ford Raptor is one of the most fun and exciting cars today. However, because it’s so fast and powerful, it’s also one of the most expensive cars to insure.

But how much does insurance on a Ford Raptor cost? The answer to that question depends on several factors, including your age, your driving record, and whether or not you carry comprehensive collision coverage (and if so, how much).

how much is insurance on a ford raptor?

A quick search for how much is insurance on a Ford Raptor reveals multiple websites and discussion forums, all asking similar questions but never really giving good answers.

The difference between sites that provide actual pricing is they often use proprietary data rather than making guesses based on vitals like age, location, etc. That said, it’s not very hard to find out how much your truck will cost to insure: call up your local insurance agent and ask.

If you prefer online quote services, many of them (including Esurance) have databases with millions of vehicles and insurance policies — usually pretty easy to work through even if you don’t know what you want.

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How to Get the Best Insurance Rates for Your Ford Raptor
A Ford Raptor is one of the best trucks you can drive—but how much does it cost to insure one? For example, if you’ve got some experience with SUV driving and want to get a used Ford Raptor for sale in your area, consider finding out what insurance rates will be first.

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Insurance companies may or may not offer discounts for safe drivers, but driving records and location can affect the final bill. If you’re shopping for new truck parts near home, find an experienced service shop before you buy your Ford Raptor so they can answer questions about insurance costs.

How much does insuring a used truck cost compared to insuring an average car? There’s no single answer to that question with so many factors at play.

Cheapest car insurance companies for a Ford Raptor
Do you think finding cheap car insurance companies for a Ford Raptor can be tough? You might be right.

A Ford Raptor is not like any ordinary car, as it is a full-size sports truck that comes with a high price tag and powerful engine. Although several cheap car insurance companies are out there, only a few of them specialize in insuring vehicles like your Ford Raptor. Below are some of these affordable insurers.

  • USAA takes the lead as the best car insurance company for the Ford F-150. However, this insurer only serves military members and their families.
  • GEICO is the second-best insurance company for the Ford F-150 and the top option for people not in the military.

Ford Raptor features that impact insurance costs.
Depending on what features you add to your Raptor, insurance costs vary greatly.

Several of these features are relatively standard for trucks that cost six figures, including four-wheel drive, anti-lock brakes, integrated turn signals, rearview camera traction control, cruise control, and power seat tilt.

On top of these more standard features; you’ll also find additional items that are specific to Raptor itself. Depending on how they’re configured in your truck, these may or may not impact your insurance costs.

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Ford Raptor Performance & Drive Modes
The 2018 Ford Raptor is equipped with an electronic 10-speed transmission, including four drive modes: Normal, Sport, Weather and Trailer/Tow.

Each method affects things like throttle response and transmission shift points, among other things. Under normal circumstances (i.e., if you don’t feel like driving around in Sport all day).

We recommend keeping it in normal mode—but if you want to take advantage of what Raptor has to offer without taking your hands off of the wheel, keep your left foot on that gas pedal and use those paddle shifters while you’re at it. Stay safe out there!

FAQs related to Insurance on a Ford Raptor

What’s the average insurance cost for a ford f150

The average insurance cost for ford f150 cars is $200 every six months. The higher the price, the more safety features are included in the vehicle, thus increasing the average insurance cost for the ford f150.

How much does it cost to insure a Ford F-150?

The average cost to insure a Ford is $1,119 per year or around $86/month. This cost may vary depending on the insurer, model year and other factors. And also includes where you live and your driving record.

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