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How to Choose the Best Eyelash Extension Insurance

How to Choose the Best Eyelash Extension Insurance
Written by Okosun John

Here are some tips on choosing the best eyelash extension insurance policy for your lash studio or home use needs.

Eyelash extensions are loved by many people, but they do have their downfalls.

One of the most common issues with eyelash extensions, however, isn’t the lashes themselves, but rather insurance companies that don’t want to cover them.

If you think your insurance will cover you and your clients, you could be in for quite the surprise when it doesn’t.

Unfortunately, there’s not much you can do to convince an insurance company that they should cover eyelash extensions and services – or at least not without having some leverage first.

Here are some tips on choosing the best eyelash extension insurance policy for your professional eyelash business.

What is Eyelash Extension Insurance?

Eyelash extension insurance is a type of insurance that protects against damages, breakage, and loss when it comes to eyelash extensions. 

This coverage usually extends from between $0-$5,000 in value. 

If you’re considering eyelash extensions, be sure to purchase eyelash extension insurance before your appointment. 

The Importance of Eyelash Extension Insurance For Professionals

Eyelash extension insurance is not a popular service in most states. Most professional eyelash extensionists assume that they won’t need it. 

However, there are two scenarios where eyelash extension insurance is crucial: 

  1. when you first start in business and 
  2. when your work environment changes (e.g., if you were working out of a store and then get put into an office). 

If you find yourself making more money or working in a new environment, talk to your insurance company about extending your plan. 

It will ensure that your services continue uninterrupted with minimal stress on you and your clients. 

Professionals who do not have insurance can lose thousands of dollars worth of clients if any mistake occurs!

How Much Is Eyelash Extension Insurance?

A short-term plan usually costs between $15 and $50 a month, while a long-term policy runs anywhere from $100 and $300 a month.

That said, expect to pay slightly more for professional liability coverage; you’ll likely have to pay around 2 percent of your annual gross revenue for that kind of protection.

Premiums for professional liability vary by industry but can be as low as 50 cents per dollar of gross revenue and as high as 2 or 3 percent.

For example, hair stylists generally have lower premiums than beauty professionals like estheticians and cosmetologists, who tend to be more exposed when it comes to handling chemicals in salons.

The Best Insurance For Eyelash Extension Business

A general business insurance policy will cover damage to your building, office equipment, and other property. 

The Best Insurance For Eyelash Extension Business
Credits: Pixabay

However, an eyelash extension insurance policy can be a smart buy. 

In addition to covering fire and smoke damage, it will protect you if a customer becomes sick or injured while in your salon, and it also covers product liability in case something goes wrong with one of your products. 

Many professionals choose a specialty policy that includes lash extensions as part of their business insurance coverage. 

For example, Eyelash Insurance by Bloom Legal is an extended medical benefit plan for lash extensions professionals only who AIG Property Casualty Insurance Company fully insures.

That said, let’s take a look at the different insurance policies you would need for your beauty salon.

Public Liability Insurance For Eyelash Extensions

Even if you have a small beauty business and only one stylist or beautician working for you, it’s good to protect yourself with public liability insurance. 

This insurance aims to protect clients from third-party claims against your business, protecting them from things like trip-and-fall accidents in your salon, for example. 

You don’t need it for every single service you offer—only for ones that involve general open doors client contact. 

However, for eyelash extensions, it’s an absolute must; one of your clients may need medical attention after their lash extensions, which could be devastating if they claim negligence on your part in court.

Product Liability Insurance

If you’re in business for yourself, you need product liability insurance.

Your business will be responsible for any damages or injuries from your products.

Make sure your insurance policy covers those damages or injuries and defense costs, and legal representation if necessary.

Suppose a customer reports any adverse effects from an eyelash extension treatment.

In that case, she may demand compensation for medical bills, lost wages, and pain-and-suffering damages if it’s found that your professional services contributed to her condition.

At the very least, lawsuits can cost thousands of dollars in attorney fees alone;

With comprehensive coverage through product liability insurance, you can focus on doing what you do best without worrying about protecting yourself against possible litigation.

Employers’ Liability Insurance

If you are employed as an eyelash extension artist by a salon, your employer should be providing you with basic liability insurance.

But if you own your own business or are self-employed, consider purchasing your policy (also known as employers’ liability insurance) to protect yourself from any legal disputes that may arise from providing lash services.

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Liability insurance can come in handy when addressing medical mishaps and potential infections stemming from poor hygiene standards.

It can also help cover any lawsuits that may arise from the faulty application of false eyelashes that damage a client’s natural eyelashes.

That said…

Many times the question isn’t always about Beauty salons but also for small business who run mobile last tech.

In the next section, I will be covering insurance for Mobile Lash Tech.

Mobile Lash Tech Insurance

As your eyelash business grows, you’ll likely find that your insurance premiums increase. 

Mobile Lash Tech Insurance
Credits: Pixabay

That’s why mobile lash tech insurance is such a good idea! 

By offering in-home services, you won’t be tied down by traditional brick-and-mortar space—so if something goes wrong with your space or if it gets destroyed, you won’t have to worry about losing all of your assets. 

And even if nothing does happen, you’ll save a ton of money on insurance

The best part? Many mobile lash tech insurance companies will give you a discount for being approved through us! 

Mobile lash tech insurance has never been more accessible or more affordable. 

What Insurance Does a Lash Tech Need?

Eyelash extension insurance is needed in most states, even if your business is only you. 

The cost of treatments is often remarkably high, and many accidents can happen during a lash extension session. 

Proper insurance will cover injuries sustained while working and protect against lawsuits that may arise from customers who were injured due to faulty work by you or your staff. 

If your state requires workers’ compensation insurance, make sure it covers lash extension technicians. 

Most larger companies have an existing policy with sufficient coverage for extensions so ask around if you need ideas for a good broker or provider. 

Also, many local beauty schools offer classes on lash extensions at affordable rates in exchange for recommendations from successful students.

The Best Insurance for Lash Technician

The on-demand nature of lash extension services means that it is unlikely your business will be eligible for workers’ compensation insurance. 

Your only options are to either self-insure or pay for health and liability insurance through a third party. 

However, your best bet for coverage is most likely an error and omission (E&O) policy—also known as professional liability insurance

Such policies protect you from errors made during service, leading to injury if not addressed quickly enough. 

And although E&O won’t cover business operations expenses—such as salons, employee wages, and materials—it is a good choice because it covers bodily injury claims resulting from patient care.

Best Companies to Get Cheap Eyelash Extension Insurance

These eyelash extension insurance companies provide good services for an affordable price. 

Cheap Eyelash Extension Insurance Companies
Credits: Pixabay

They do not exceed 40$/month and will provide you with a decent amount of funds as soon as possible in case of an accident. 

It’s best to read about each of them carefully before signing up with any, especially if your budget is tight! 

Whatever company you choose, it’s essential that they can meet your needs and offer professional service. 

Eyelash extensions can be fun but also dangerous if you have a problem. Be careful! Protect yourself!

Associated Skin Care Professionals

To be a member of Associated Skin Care Professionals (ASCP), you must either be a licensed esthetician or obtain a license within one year. 

Members receive and/or are eligible for many perks, including insurance plans and mentorship opportunities with seasoned ASCP members

One such perk is their insurance plan, Eye Extention Insurance, which is available to anyone who is an ASCP member and insured through American Excess. 

American Excess provides policies tailored specifically for those in beauty-related fields; eyelash extension professionals can buy individual coverage with just one call.

Towergate Insurance

Don’t have time for a lot of insurance shopping around? Try Towergate. Founded in 1997, Towergate is an independent insurance intermediary. 

They’re here to help, and they’re here to make it easier on you. 

They offer one of our top picks for eyelash extension insurance, and that’s why we love them. 

Their services are always free (they get paid for their products), so it’s an excellent way for you to pick up a policy quickly and easily.

Salon Gold Insurance

Not all eyelash extension insurance is created equal. 

Some policies only cover eyelashes that fall out naturally, but others can also include lost lashes due to other circumstances. 

Salon Gold Insurance covers your eye extension from various potential causes, including falls, scratching, and excessive cleaning. 

They’re easy to claim and respond to quickly, providing fast cash at a fair price when you need it most. 

With Salon Gold Insurance, you get customer service excellence and affordability; they do not raise their rates as some companies will with multiple claims or cash advances. 

Ask your eye extension specialist if they provide insurance before choosing one!


Are you a pro lash extension expert? If you are, you may not know what your insurance provider offers. 

Zensurance’s premium eye extension insurance is better for experienced experts since it is designed for both. 

This policy covers an unlimited number of potential eye injuries and quick and easy access to medical care in case of accident or injury. 

Zensurance takes care of setting up appointments with specialists and surgeries—an experience they have consolidated through their network across over 100 cities worldwide. 

And because they have experience with extreme circumstances, they can quickly provide you with extra help in your time of need—be it a short-term disability or financial protection when restoring lost income due to treatment interruption or recuperation time.

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Aligned Insurance

If you are a professional and use eyelash extensions, you may have heard about Aligned Insurance

The program is mainly known for offering eyelash extension insurance for those in the beauty industry. 

If you’re interested in learning more about insurance specifically designed for your work, keep reading! 

We have collected information from Aligned Insurance regarding their various options so that professionals can make an informed decision before choosing a plan.

4 Benefits of Getting Eyelash Extension Insurance

Eyelash extension insurance can make your business even more valuable to clients, ensuring them that should any accidents occur, their extensions will be repaired or replaced in full.

4 Benefits of Getting Eyelash Extension Insurance
Credits: Pixabay

There are many different types of eyelash extension insurance that you can consider when it comes to getting coverage for your lash business,

so be sure to consider the 4 major benefits listed below before deciding on what’s best for you and your business.

1) Protect Your Investment

Having a business insurance policy for your eyelash extension salon can save you time and money if disaster strikes.

Most general liability policies cover damages caused by an employee who works on a client.

For example, if your nail technician accidentally nicks a client’s eye during a manicure, that injury will be covered under your general liability policy.

However, certain incidents are not included in these types of policies; you may need to purchase additional coverage through what is known as an umbrella policy.

For example, if water damage causes one of your clients to get Legionnaires’ disease (an illness caused by Legionella bacteria), that incident would not be covered by most general liability policies unless it was caused by negligence on behalf of your staff member.

2) Be Ready For Emergencies

We all know an emergency can happen at any time, so it’s important to be prepared.

If you own a business that involves providing lash services, it’s even more crucial to protect yourself and your staff from disaster—and you can do that by investing in eyelash extension insurance for your business.

Though you may think what you provide is simple and relatively safe, performing eyelash extensions does come with some risks.

If a client experiences an allergic reaction or if something goes wrong during a treatment session, lawsuits are often involved.

In fact, eyelashes can actually cause injuries as well as lash technicians themselves being injured during sessions.

3) Tax Advantages

What many don’t realize is that eyelash extension services are considered a cosmetic service.

Cosmetic businesses can take advantage of various tax advantages to offset the cost and expenses involved in running their business.

In fact, filing a Schedule C with your Federal Tax Return gives you more opportunities to deduct costs associated with your business, including travel, supplies, office equipment (computers, fax machines, etc.) and health insurance.

It is important to consult a tax professional when setting up any new small business for best advice on how to file returns and report expenses.

4) Security for You and Your Business

As with any health-related business, eyelash extension businesses are at risk for workers’ compensation claims and other issues.

Having an insurance policy in place can help you safeguard your interests from a legal standpoint, making it less likely that you’ll get stuck paying for injuries that could have been avoided.

With an insurance policy in place, you can hire more employees to meet client demand without risking personal financial hardship if one of them makes a costly mistake.

When choosing an insurer for your business, make sure to find one with a good reputation and which offers specialized coverage for eyelashes.

How to Get Eyelash Extension Insurance

As an eyelash extension business owner, you know how important it is to ensure that your new clients are satisfied with their overall experience, which could mean the difference between future business and bad reviews online.

How to Get Eyelash Extension Insurance
Credits: Pixabay

For example, if one of your clients has an issue with her eyelash extensions after she leaves the salon,

you’ll want to make sure she doesn’t have any trouble getting them removed so that you don’t risk bad word-of-mouth spreading to other potential customers.

It can be done by acquiring lash extension insurance for your business.

With out much words, here are the important things to consider when looking to purchase eyelash extension insurance cover for you beauty shop.

Don’t Be Afraid to Call in a Backup.

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed as a small-business owner. It can be difficult to make sure you’re properly insured and keep track of all of your important documents.

Sometimes it helps to call in a professional—your accountant, CPA, or attorney can help ensure that you have adequate coverage in place and assist with any tax questions or liabilities.

These professionals work with small businesses every day, so they know what you need! At worst, they will provide peace of mind that everything is in order.

Some professionals even offer a free initial consultation, so it might be worth asking them about their fee structures before jumping into an arrangement.

Speak with your Team Members

Many people view eyelash extension insurance to protect their business from financial loss.

This can be a useful tool if you struggle with cash flow or need extra coverage for certain procedures or equipment that aren’t normally covered by health insurance.

Ask about what type of policy you should purchase and how much coverage is right for your business before applying.

Remember, it’s up to you whether or not to include it in your employee handbook and offer it as an incentive.

Not every salon owner offers a voluntary plan like this, but those who do report low opt-out rates because employees appreciate having access to extra benefits.

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Know Which Insurances Cover Which Claims

Every insurance company is different. They will have varying coverage levels, but they will also have a unique process for filing claims.

Ensure you know which kind of damage and loss each insurance provider is willing to cover before you pay any policy fees.

Some policies might not cover all of your assets in their entirety if an issue arises—make sure you understand how that works before you sign up!

To be safe, only buy all-risk insurance policies if you can afford them.

All-risk coverage is usually a bit more expensive, but it covers everything from fire and theft to natural disasters and floods, making it well for most entrepreneurs.

Understand Your Deductibles Before You Need Them

Insurance is a complex beast, and knowing exactly what you’re paying for can be difficult.

Before you file a claim, it’s smart to understand how deductibles (the amount you have to pay out of pocket before your insurance will cover expenses) affect claims.

If you need more than one service in a year—such as an annual checkup and a routine dental cleaning—make sure that those treatments aren’t treated as separate events.

When allocating expenses across multiple services, some insurance providers consider them all one event, which may reduce or eliminate your coverage for one or more services.

Compare Policies

When you compare eyelash extension insurance policies, you will quickly find out that not all policies are created equal.

Pay attention to what kinds of claims they’ll cover and how much it costs them (or you) to process each claim.

While most companies should be able to help you address or reduce a risk factor in exchange for a small monthly fee or deductible,

it’s important that you choose one that makes sense for your business and allows access to great customer service when things go wrong.

An insurance company won’t do you any good if it doesn’t respond quickly and effectively when something goes wrong.


Do You Need Insurance To Do Eyelash Extensions?

You may need eyelash extension insurance: Coverage for injury, additional coverage, and confidentiality.

When choosing a policy, read all of its fine print, including any exclusions or limitations that apply.

Make sure it provides what you need before making your purchase.

However, many salons (including some of our recommended places) have a policy in place should something go wrong during an eyelash service.

So it’s not necessary to buy an insurance plan directly from us, but if you want extra peace of mind, we’re happy to sell it.

What Insurance Do I Need For Eyelash Extensions?

Many types of insurance can protect you if an unexpected event happens. One type of insurance is Eyelash Extension Insurance.

But with so many options out there, how do you know which one is right for you? To choose what type of Eyelash Extension Insurance is best for you and your business, consider which risks could harm your business.

For example, if you operate in a state that requires insurance or offers a service where a client might be injured during treatment, it would be wise to acquire Eyelash Extension Insurance.

Once you have identified what risks might endanger your business, locate companies offering Eyelash Extension Insurance in your area and compare coverage policies from each company until you find one that covers all the things that concern you.

Types of Eyelash Extension Insurance

Eyelash extension insurance isn’t necessarily needed, but it can protect you from situations where you might lose money.

With eyelash extension business insurance, you can minimize risk. Different types of plans are available for individual and professional eyelash extension businesses.

You need to choose a plan that includes compensation for your investment and lost income and damages if someone is injured at your salon or damages themselves by not following your safety rules and regulations.

Shop around for the coverage that best suits your business needs.

It’s also good to look at professional eyelash extension liability companies such as Eli Insurance Services, Inc., A Division of Zscaler Incorporated, or Blue Coastal Insurance Co.

Eyelash Extension Insurance Cost 

If you’re a frequent eyelash extension user, purchasing a plan that covers your lash extensions might be worthwhile.

However, if you don’t have insurance, know that these plans can cost anywhere from $10-$50/month or more, depending on your provider and location.

Eyelash Extensions Insurance No Patch Test

While many insurance companies will cover lash extensions in some capacity, most don’t cover all of them.

They’ll often require a patch test for new clients and won’t cover everything you’d expect them to.

For example, some coverage policies won’t cover damage or breakage caused by your eyelash extensions, so you may have to pay out of pocket if they fall out or become damaged while they’re being applied.

Some policies also won’t pay anything until after your first visit is done and complete, which means paying right away can leave you with no money if something goes wrong during your first appointment.

Beauty Insurance For Eyelash Extensions

If you’re going to invest in eyelash extensions, you might as well protect them—and your vision. 

A personal beauty insurance policy can help ensure you have access to specialist care when you need it. 

Suppose your lash artist makes a mistake that damages or loses your lashes, for example. 

In that case, personal beauty insurance might kick in and cover costs associated with an emergency appointment. 

Personal policies typically also include coverage for hair replacement if someone cuts it off or color if someone dyes it pink by accident.

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