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How to Get More Followers on Poshmark – FASTEST Way to Reach 1000+ Followers in 1-Day

How to Get More Followers on Poshmark – FASTEST Way to Reach 1000+ Followers in 1-Day
Written by Okosun John

Are you struggling with how to get more followers on Poshmark? The three tricks will get you over 1000+ Poshmark followers in one day.

Are you struggling with how to get more followers on Poshmark?

Knowing fully well, that the number of followers you have on Poshmark can increase your sale.

It then becomes paramount to learn how to get more followers on Poshmark at least without breaking the bank.

Hence, today’s post will be on how to get more followers on Poshmark.

but more importantly,

I will share with you how to target the right type of followers to increase your sales on Poshmark.

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So, if you don’t make huge sales on Poshmark yet,

don’t worry…

I’m here to teach you how to get more followers on Poshmark in less than 24 hours

but more importantly, the followers that will be buyers for your items.

When you are just starting out on Poshmark,

you would see a lot of people advising you to follow the super users and ambassadors of Poshmark in order to get users to follow you Poshmark.

Yes, that strategy works. At least for some people.

However, that strategy doesn’t do you any good because there’s no value in it.

What’s the essence of having millions of followers who won’t buy from you?

Well, this is exactly why you need to dish that strategy and learn word to word what I want to share with you.

These are the secrets of how to get more followers on Poshmark.

Implement this and be guaranteed of followers that would purchase your items.

Before we get started,

Take your time and study who would you like to follow you.

For example, if you sell women’s clothing on Poshmark, then you would need

  1. somebody who’s interested in women’s clothing
  2. somebody who is a buyer and seller of women clothing
  3. or just a buyer of women clothing.

These are the type of people you would want to follow you. Also, you could look into maybe somebody who’s going to share your listings.

You need to try to hit all of these things when you’re looking for new followers.

There’s a quick and easy way on How to Get More Followers on Poshmark and that’s exactly what I’m here to show you.

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The first strategy we’re going to implement on finding new followers can be done in two different ways.

You could practice the first way or the second or could also implement both.

Follow Followers of Your Twin Closets

A twin closet is a closet that is very similar to yours, has a similar style, and maybe has some of the same items that you have

but maybe this person has a lot more Poshmark followers and more sales.

You need to identify your twin closet.

If you find it hard to identify your twin closet then follow the steps below.

How to find your twin closet

Search for Poshmark items that are just like yours

or similar to yours and look at the closets of the sellers (competitors) who are selling that item.

These closets are referred to as your twin closet.

Once you’ve found your twin closet, go in and look at their followers.

and follow each one of their followers.

For example, if somebody has 200,000 followers then Poshmark is not going to allow you

to follow all 200,000 followers at once.

They’re probably going to allow you to follow maybe about 500 most recent Poshmark followers for that closet and that’s fine.

Now go on a search again and identify more twin closets at least than five.

Repeat that same trick on these 5 twin or similar closets.

Follow Likers of Twin Closets with High Sold Listings

The other way of doing it is looking for an item that you sell and looking at the competitors.

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When you’re looking for your competitors don’t just look at the active listings.

Credits: Pixabay

You want to look at the sold listings also.

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Go in for those particular items with high sold listings.

For example, if I’m selling a V-neck maxi dress and I found that a V-neck maxi dress has sold well, that sold listing does have likers.

Here dear… That’s another pot of Gold.

I want you to go in and I want you to follow all of those likers

and then I want you to go into the closet of the competitor who is selling that item and I want you to follow all their Poshmark followers.

Now let’s take it a step further…

Follow Users Leaving Love Notes on Twin Closets

I want you to go into twin closets or your competitor’s closet and go to their love notes.

How to find competitors’ love notes?

Go to the about section you can look at their love notes.

Love notes are like comments or reviews left by people that really liked the items that they purchased from this seller.

if the person has a significant amount of love notes, 100 is the most that it’s going to show you they could have sold a thousand things or they could have gotten a thousand love notes

but it’s going to only show you the most recent 100.

I want you to follow each one of those people who left love notes.

why are you going to do this? you’re going to do this


  1. they’re buyers and you want those people to follow you
  2. they’re happy buyers; those are people who come back as repeat customers because they’re so happy with what they got.

Not everyone leaves a love note.

if you rate somebody five stars and you don’t leave a love note, it’s not going to show up there.

So, these are people who are really happy not just I’m giving you five stars.

I am really happy and I want to leave you a note.

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These are great buyers and these are the people that you want to follow you.

So, follow all of those people in the love notes section.

Share Posts of Users Leaving Love Notes on Twin Closets

This is a marketing thing but I’m going to throw it in.

Go back to each one of those Poshmark followers who left love notes and I want you to share some of their listings.

The reason you’re going to do this is that you want to grab their attention,

you want them to come and say oh who’s this person that’s sharing 10 of my items?

They’re going to go into your closet and they’re going to look.

So, before you do this, make sure your closet is set up and it’s organized.

Showcase all of your top listings, the styles and the items that they might be interested in, should be at the top of your closet.

Be Strategic – Know When to Share & Follow

Another secret in getting Poshmark followers would be when you follow people and when you share


Be strategic
Credits: Pixabay

Most people are on Poshmark right before the evening parties or after dinner or before bed.

so, you want to make sure when you are following people and when you’re sharing listings, you’re doing that when they’re on the platform.

This increases the chances of them following you back quickly.

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When implementing these strategies to get more Poshmark followers, make sure you do them at the right time.

so that’s it super simple.

Overview on How to Get More Followers on Poshmark

Find your twin closet find your competitors follow their Likers and followers, follow their love note people share their love note people’s listings, and sit back and watch yourself get a thousand Poshmark followers.

Which of these strategies are you going to try out first?

Let us know below in the comment section.

I wish you success and many sales on Poshmark.

Well, that’s a wrap on how to get more followers on Poshmark.

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