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How To Increase Credit Score By 100 Points (QUICKLY!)

Increase credit score
Written by Okosun John

Here is exactly how to increase credit score by 100 points in the quickest way possible. Want to take a loan or buy a car? This is for you.

In today’s post, I will exactly show you how to increase credit score by 100 points in the quickest way possible.

In fact, everything that I’m about to share with you I’ve done myself which helped me raise my credit score to over 800. 

This is something that I wish they taught in school but it took me years of error and trying to learn. 

How To Increase Credit Score By 100 Points (QUICKLY!), JokosHQ | Study Abroad From Nigeria | Scholarships & Visas

So what’s up mate my name is John so if you’re new here, welcome to my blog where I write about all things personal finance (credit card repairs, loans, insurance, make money etc).  

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First off let me explain who this post is exactly for. 

The people who see the greatest benefit and the highest jump to their credit score are individuals who have less than perfect credit ranging in the 500s to the low 600s.

The thing is that the higher your credit score the more difficult and time it will take for your credit score to jump up by that much. 

So if your credit score is already in the mid-700s or above it’s not gonna be as drastic as a jump. 

Having a few points can make one hell of a difference when you need financing, loans and getting new lines of credit.

Tip 1: Pull Your Credit Report

The first step that you have to do to dramatically increase credit score is to pull your credit report. 

This is the only way you can fully analyze your credit and know what you need to work on.

Imagine there’s something wrong with your car and you go to a mechanic but you really don’t know what’s going on that’s causing that noise.

As auto mechanics, they have a checklist of things that they look at and expect to find out what’s going on to solve your problem. 

How To Increase Credit Score By 100 Points (QUICKLY!), JokosHQ | Study Abroad From Nigeria | Scholarships & Visas

Your credit report works the same way. This report will show you areas where you need to fix and where you can improve upon. 

Before I move on, the biggest factor that plays into your credit score are two things; 

  1. Credit utilization 
  2. Payment history. 

If you had ever had any late payments this has a dramatic effect on your credit score and if you have consistently high balances on your credit cards or any other type of debt this also plays a significant impact on your credit score. 

If you were to focus on these two things it is not unreasonable to see your score at least in the 700s all the time. 

There are a couple of ways to get credit reports and due to the laws, you are entitled to get a credit report from the three major credit bureaus once a year. 

The best place to get it is at, you can also get it from the credit bureaus yourself but this website has all of them in one place. 

There are multiple other credit reporting websites where you usually pay a monthly fee and you can get access to your credit report monthly.

However, the only reason why you want to monitor your credit report every month is that you’re in the process of repairing your credit. 

The majority of people only need to review their credit reports once a year.

Another good option is downloading an app like credit karma.

How To Increase Credit Score By 100 Points (QUICKLY!), JokosHQ | Study Abroad From Nigeria | Scholarships & Visas

Credit Karma is 100% free and you can get this at the google play store or the app store on ios devices. 

This allows you to get access to your credit report as well but just not as detailed. it is definitely a great place to start if you’re not able to pull your own credit. 

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Tip 2: Analyzing Your Report

Once you get your credit report this will be everything that you need to know about raising your credit score as quickly as possible.

Also, head on the below post to learn about credit mistakes to avoid.

The first thing that you should be looking at when analyzing your credit report is the negative marks because negative marks are the ones that have the biggest impact on your credit score. 

This can include late payments, judgments, foreclosures, liens, Repos, bankruptcies or collections.

Depending on your negative marks some will have much more of an impact compared to others.

Bankruptcies and repossessions play a heavier role on your credit score compared to a 30-day late payment. 

Also things that are fresher on your credit report play a bigger role on your credit score.

If you have a bankruptcy within the last year this is going to have much more of a negative impact on your credit score compared to bankruptcy that was done 40 years ago.

Over time negative marks tend to have a lessening effect but it’s still a negative effect. 

Once you take a look at what negative marks you do have on your credit report this is when you want to look into fixing these marks or trying to remove them. 

According to the federal credit reporting act, credit bureaus have 30 days to figure out whether or not the information that is reported to them is accurate.

If you remember paying your credit card off 15 days late instead of 30 days this can actually be removed from your credit report. 

Removing late payments on your credit report can have a big jump on your credit score. 

How To Increase Credit Score By 100 Points (QUICKLY!), JokosHQ | Study Abroad From Nigeria | Scholarships & Visas

So whenever you are reviewing your credit report and there are negative marks just make sure that everything lines up. 

You’ve got to make sure that your account number is correct, the dates are correct or whatever is reported to the credit bureaus is supposed to be correct. 

You basically have to be your own detective to try to pinpoint if anything may be wrong. 

Having inaccuracies on your credit report is more common than you think. 

Roughly one out of five Americans have inaccurate information on their credit report. 

If anything is incorrect the credit bureaus must make sure that it is corrected and if it cannot be verified, it usually has to be removed within 30 days.

Tip 3: Authorized User & Tradelines

Both of these terms are going to be used interchangeably.

I have covered everything about Authorized user trick, and how to implement it.

Go ahead and read it now

So firstly, what is an authorized user? An authorised user is a person that gets added to another person’s credit.

When you get added to someone else’s credit card you basically adopt that credit information. 

So if someone has a 790 credit score and they’ve had a credit card for five years once you get added onto their credit card you basically piggyback off of that information. 

This will make it look like you have a higher credit limit and a longer length of history. 

But the thing about authorized users is that this will have a big significant impact in the beginning then once the months go by this will have less of an effect on your credit score. 

This is pretty much the same thing with Tradelines.

The main difference between tradelines and authorized users is that with tradelines you would have to purchase these through third parties. 

A tradeline is when you pay somebody to get added to their account as an authorized user.

How To Increase Credit Score By 100 Points (QUICKLY!), JokosHQ | Study Abroad From Nigeria | Scholarships & Visas

Tradelines can cost anywhere between $300 to $2000 depending on the credit limit and the length of credit on that particular credit line. 

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The higher the credit limit and the longer the account has been opened the more expensive the tradeline will be.

Tradelines just like Authorised Users don’t last forever. So the biggest boost that you will get from a tradeline is typically once it hits your credit report and this will range anywhere from 45 to 60 days. 

This could be a major game-changer for those who are looking to buy a new car or get a mortgage since this is a time-sensitive product. 

To get the biggest boost it’s only recommended to get a trade line or get added on as an authorized user if you’re about two months out of trying to get financing. 

If you’re looking to get a tradeline six months before getting a mortgage or whatever you’re trying to do to get a credit line it’s not going to have as much of an impact as it once did. 

As a reminder getting added on as an authorized user or getting a trade line will not always solve every problem if you got multiple negative marks on your credit report then trade lines may not even work.

Tip 4: Lower Your Credit Utilization

The simplest way to lower your credit utilization is to pay it. if you have any debts on your credit cards paying them off will have the biggest bump to your credit score. 

You can also try platform such as Kikoff builder that allows you increase your score with ease. I have written an article about already.

Read it below

The two most common types of debts are; 

  1. revolving debt and 
  2. non-revolving debt

Revolving debts are things like your credit card where you borrow money and pay it back and this cycle just works back and forth.

Non-revolving debts are things like your mortgage, auto loan or student loan. This is where you pay a fixed rate every month until the debt is repaid.

Revolving debt is one that has the largest impact on your credit score. 

If you’re not able to pay off your debt on your credit card it may be made to look into debt consolidation. 

Tip 5: Debt Consolidation

You can learn all about debt consolidation in the video below.

Once you move revolving debt to non-revolving debt, this will change the type of debt that you do have. 

Let’s just say that you have a $5000 balance on a credit card, if you transfer this to a debt consolidation loan, you still have a debt of $5000 but since this type of debt has changed this will have a positive impact on your credit score.

Also having debts on a credit card is never a good thing just because credit card interest rates are ridiculously high.

Here’s another hack with that consolidation. 

As soon as you transfer your credit card debt to a debt consolidation loan, there’s going to be a little period where debt consolidators have not reported this information yet to the credit bureaus.

So for a little bit of time, it may look like your credit score is super high just because it seems like you paid off all of your credit card debt. 

So this will take anywhere from 30 to 60 days as well so this is just another trick to make your credit score look higher than it actually is. 

But once this information does get passed through to the credit bureaus then your credit score will just be adjusted but it should be higher than it once was. 

Tip 6: Credit Limit Increase

As I mentioned before one of the biggest factors that play into your credit score is your credit utilization. 

So if you were to increase your credit limit this will make it much easier for you to have a lower credit utilization.

if you have a $10,000 credit limit currently and you always put $5,000 on that credit card, you have a 50% credit utilization but if you were to raise your credit limit to $20,000, $5,000 of $20,000 is only 25%.

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Ideally, you want to have your credit utilization 30% or less every month but less than 10% is much better. 

One thing to keep in mind is that when you’re requesting a credit limit increase in most cases, it will result in a hard pull.

How To Increase Credit Score By 100 Points (QUICKLY!), JokosHQ | Study Abroad From Nigeria | Scholarships & Visas

A hard pull is basically the same thing when a lender is pulling your credit. 

When this happens this will lower your score by a few points but usually, it will resolve within a few months. 

Having too many hard pulls in a short time does make it look like you’re a higher-risk borrower and it can have more of a negative impact on your credit score. 

if you had the option to apply for a new credit card or ask for a credit limit increase, asking for a credit increase will have a better effect on your credit score. 

The reason is that when you open up a new credit card account this will make it look like your credit history is much younger. 

Your length of credit history plays about 15% of your credit score. The older your credit looks the better it’ll be in the long run. 

Tip 7: Navy Federal Hack

In the previous tip, we talked about increasing your credit limit but how do you do this when you probably already have bad credit?

As we know, it’s not easy to get a new credit line with bad credit.

Well, there is a legitimate hack.

I have already written about this in a previous article, so just go ahead and read it.

With that said let’s move on to our next step.

Tip 8: Avoiding Excess Credit Cards

Stop applying for new credit. New credit only plays about 10 of your credit score. 

I had covered this too in this hack that gave me 100points in less than 9weeks.

if you watch most YouTubers they tend to have a lot of credit cards but having a lot of cards does come with some cons.

Some of the biggest downsides is that the length of your credit looks much younger and you have more frequent hard pulls. 

Even though having hard pulls doesn’t have that big of an impact on your credit score but having too many credit lines open in a short time will make it look like you’re desperate to get money. 

The lenders will smell this and they will deny your approval but the hard pull will continue to be on your credit report even when you did not open up a new credit line. 

When I stopped applying for new credit cards or credit lines, my credit score started to climb slowly.

The reason was that my credit began to look older and I had fewer hard pulls on my credit score but if you are a person who had multiple hard pulls within the last 24 months,

You can either wait until they fall off which will be the 25th month when you can try to dispute them.

Here is a video on how to remove hard inquiries from your report

Tip 9: Removal of Disputes

As with any type of credit dispute the credit bureaus would have to verify that this information is correct and if they cannot verify it then they would have to remove it. 

If you were to go this route just start by disputing accounts that are older rather than more recent.

There are many companies claiming to help remove these disputes, these could be scammers but how do you know the real one?

I had to cover this extensively in my post below;

There you have it. 

These are the best ways to dramatically increase your credit score.

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