How to Make Money as a Counselor: 9 Tips to Maximize Your Earning Potential

How to Make Money as a Counselor? That’s a question that many people have, and while the answer can vary depending on where you work and what type of position you fill, there are several ways that you can earn more money as a counselor.

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In this guide, we’ll take a look at nine ways to maximize your earning potential as you build your counseling career and learn how to make money as a counselor.

How to Make Money as a Counselor

If you enjoy helping others, chances are you’ll also like being a counselor. As one of many career paths in psychology, counseling is an excellent choice for those who enjoy working with people and want to help them work through life’s challenges.

If working with people sounds like fun to you but you have no idea how to get started or what it takes to be successful, read on!

Here are nine tips that will help maximize your earning potential as a counselor.

1) Become certified

Before you start taking clients, make sure that you’re properly licensed in your state. (A great place to start is with your state’s Board of Social Work.) That way, you’ll know exactly what you need to do—and how much it will cost—to become certified.

Also be prepared for continuing education courses and evaluations along the way; some states require therapists who aren’t fully licensed yet to work under supervision of an already-licensed therapist.

If that won’t work for you, consider trying another career path that requires less training and experience.

2) Get a part-time job in the field

A part-time job at an agency can give you insight into what working in counseling is like. It’s not uncommon for some new counselors to get into therapy for free, or even earn college credit. Get involved with counseling students in your department and ask about internships.

The experience and reference letter could help open doors down the road when you’re ready to start looking for jobs.

3) Choose your niche and develop your online profile

Just because you are an aspiring counselor doesn’t mean you shouldn’t start gaining professional experience as soon as possible.

Many therapists and counselors find that working in their field is not only fulfilling, but it also allows them to explore whether or not they would enjoy making counseling a full-time career choice.

If you can, take advantage of any part-time jobs your university may have available or apply for internships at local clinics.

You will likely have time during evenings and weekends (which is when many people are most free), so scheduling can be made flexible.

Plus, having real-world experience under your belt before you graduate will look fantastic on your resume!

4) Use Social sites such as YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, etc.

Social media can be another great way for counselors to get their name out there and make some money.

Online platforms are an effective way to promote yourself and your practice, connect with other professionals, and even boost your search engine rankings (which will help you bring in even more clients).

If you’re new to social media marketing, HubSpot offers resources such as its Free Social Media Marketing Course or Social Media Cheat Sheet. And if you want an extra boost, consider hiring an agency like Constant Contact or Experticity.

These sites help small businesses leverage online marketing so they can focus on what matters most — growing their business.

From finding new leads and customers to keeping current customers happy and returning for repeat purchases, these sites have got it covered.

5) Use your blog or website as an online portfolio

Many career counselors recommend creating an online portfolio on your website or personal blog. This can include samples of your work, experience, and any other information you want potential employers to know about you.

As with all aspects of your career, it’s important that your portfolio be professional and well-curated—otherwise you may appear unprofessional and careless.

That said, it’s also important that your portfolio is easy for potential employers to find! Therefore, make sure that sites like LinkedIn or Twitter are included in links from within your portfolio.

Remember: You want potential employers (and even current ones) to be able to find you quickly when they’re looking for help in their own business ventures!

6) Launch a Podcast

Podcasting is a great way to make money, and it can also serve as a way to build your audience, advance your personal brand, and open up opportunities for you in other sectors.

For example, podcasters are often invited to speak at conferences and events, or even offered consulting jobs related to their field of expertise.

To launch a podcast for money, consider what kind of show you want to create.

  • Are you going solo?
  • Hosting an interview-style show?
  • Or making educational content that’s similar to what you do in your counseling sessions?

Creating an on-demand audio experience is simpler than ever before because of technology—but remember that there’s still work involved in getting people to listen.

7) Publish and Sell Books

Book publishing can be a fruitful and efficient way to make money as a counselor.

More than ever, self-published authors are making significant money through book sales, and as an author yourself, you can choose what to write about (and avoid writing about topics that don’t interest you).

If your passion is helping clients get healthy and wealthy, for example, consider authoring a book on how to achieve both goals in tandem.

Because you aren’t subject to outside rules or regulations when you self-publish, it’s easy for your message to remain consistent throughout your book(s).

You also get to keep 100% of all income—you won’t need to pay a middleman anything!

8) Create Workshops

The chance to work with other practitioners is one of the best opportunities that workshops offer.

The workshop presents the opportunity to broaden your skills, demonstrate your communication abilities, and become more familiar with what’s currently trending in the field.

A lot of successful practitioners reported having found more business opportunities from attending workshops.

Furthermore, these workshops provide priceless networking opportunities.

For example, with influencers and key players in the industry. Meanwhile, workshops are also a great way to raise brand awareness. Promotional materials are a cost-effective and effective way to sell yourself.

9) Consider Public Speaking

Do you enjoy public speaking? You can earn money by speaking at conferences, events, workshops, and other venues. So long as you can successfully find a solution to the problem, there’s an audience eager to listen to you.

And there’s no need to include the solution in your speech—it can just be hinted at, a dialogue can be initiated, and some right questions can be asked. It can also provide some inspiration.

When it comes to public speaking, you’re lucky because you already have passion and knowledge.

To get paid gigs, you’ll need to reach out to possible opportunities, network with the right people, and gather evidence of your excellence.

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