Dance Your Way to Financial Freedom: How to Make Money as a Dancer

One of the easiest ways to make money as a dancer is by performing at private parties and events, or parties. It’s also one of the most profitable.

You can earn anywhere from $100-$1,000 (or more) per night, depending on what you offer, how long you are booked, and where you live in the U.S.

It’s also one of the most flexible money-making options available to you, which means you can choose your schedule and create your living situation.

How to make money as a Dancer

Use Your Passion to Your Advantage

If you want to make money as a dancer, you’ll want to start searching for opportunities that allow you not only to dance but also to make money.

The most obvious opportunity is dancing in clubs, but it’s important to remember that even if your dream job is working at a high-end club doing top-notch choreography, you might be better off working somewhere less glamorous and making money as an independent contractor.

For nightclubs and cabarets that offer live entertainment, nightlife services such as cocktail waitresses or actors/models are hired by hiring agencies which pay them the fee of their appearance fee.

Build a Strong Brand

Building a strong personal brand is key when you’re working as an independent contractor. More than anything, your brand represents who you are and what you stand for, which means it’s significant to make sure it aligns with your values.

While building your brand can be time-consuming, take some time each day to set aside time for branding activities—like social media posts, blogging or giving a speech—and ask friends and family members for honest feedback on how well you align with your values.

You might be surprised by their answers!

Network like crazy

There are many ways you can make money as a dancer. The easiest way is to offer private dance lessons—the idea is that people learn how to dance, and then go out at night and buy drinks for their new friends (you).

Networking like crazy can also help you earn money, such as by allowing you to moonlight or be on-call for other part-time jobs.

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You might also be able to use your dance skills in various retail positions, such as at sporting events or during concerts.

Understand the industry

Before you can start making money as a dancer, you have to understand how and why people choose to be in your industry.

Of course, there are different reasons people dance and many of them depend on where they live, but let’s focus on three that apply across the board.

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Invest in Yourself

Starting any business can be an expensive endeavor, particularly if you’re trying to break into a competitive field like a dance.

Spending money on classes, choreography sessions, and even just outfits is mandatory for most dancers; these bills add up quickly.

To make ends meet, many dancers opt for side jobs and other additional revenue streams.

Getting Paid to Perform Doesn’t Mean You Can’t Take Classes

If you want to be a great dancer, you’ll have to take classes.
But first, you need money! So try getting paid for performing now, so you can take dance classes in the future.

There are many ways for dancers to get their start and still pay for dance classes. Here are some ideas on how dancers make money.

Know your worth

While you’re learning, it can be tempting to work for experience and little money. But you have value—and if you don’t know how much your services are worth, then someone else will happily tell you.

In short, if no one is offering what you think your skills are worth, then ask for it. Or better yet—ask for more than that!

Creating opportunities is more important than waiting for them

Because dance is not always thought of as a profession, many people assume that they need to wait for someone else to provide them with opportunities. In truth, dancers can make money in any number of ways.

Here are the top 7 ways you can make money as a Dancer

Write Dance Articles

Start by writing dance articles for publications. Dance publications are more likely to accept freelance work because they rely on a constant stream of new content.

By connecting with editors, you’ll improve your chances of landing more regular work in print and online.

Once you’ve written your first dance piece, follow up with an email asking if they have any freelance gigs. If not, send them your resume and ask to be kept in mind for future opportunities.

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Perform/Choreograph for Special Events

Whether it’s for an upcoming wedding, a one-time corporate event or even your private dance class—dancing for others is probably one of the fastest ways to start making money! (Just make sure you have proper liability insurance first.)

As long as you can learn new moves and create choreography, there are plenty of opportunities out there.

Just be careful not to take on too many gigs at once; they can be exhausting and time-consuming.

Teach Privates Lessons or Classes

In addition to your performance-based work, you can also teach private lessons or classes.

This will give you a chance to share your passion with others, while also bringing in extra cash. Remember that even if dancing doesn’t bring in enough money on its own, it can be a great side gig!

You might even find yourself earning more than you did at your previous job. You never know until you try!

Sell Your Merchandise Online

There are two popular ways of monetizing your dancing. The first is through creating your merchandise.

Whether it’s an online store, or via social media, you can create plenty of products for fans to purchase that relate to your brand.

Popular items include t-shirts, accessories, and posters/prints – but be creative! If you’re putting in work, there should be ways for people to show their support financially.

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Become an Affiliate Seller

Find an affiliate site that offers dance apparel, shoes, and accessories. These are relatively easy to find and can be an inexpensive entry point into selling products on your site.

You won’t have to worry about stocking inventory and shipping packages because you’ll be able to earn commissions from every sale (usually around 20 percent). Keep in mind, though, that affiliate marketers typically make less than 10 percent of sales.

Monetize Your Social Media Account

Dancing not only helps you build your confidence, but it also helps you make money.

Companies will hire you for dance-related projects such as product placements, music videos and even music videos, which can earn you thousands of dollars for each job.

Additionally, if people like your dancing on Instagram or Facebook, many brands will be happy to pay you for promoting their products or services.

Freelance Other Services

Dance is your livelihood, but if you’re serious about getting ahead in your field, you may also want to work freelance for other artists.

If so, be sure to research others in your area and familiarize yourself with what they’re charging for their services.

You may also want to consider saving up enough money from dance gigs that you can afford not only rent or a mortgage, but also some professional headshots.

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Virtual Classes

Classes can get expensive, which makes dance classes an expensive activity for many people. But that doesn’t mean you have to give up on your dream of dancing professionally!

Online courses are an excellent way for dancers and non-dancers alike to learn about a wide variety of topics, such as how different types of music influence dancers or how choreographers choose their steps.

When you take these online classes, you can chat with other students and get feedback from instructors.

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Set Goals, but Don’t Be Afraid of Change

The first thing you’ll need to do is make some goals for yourself. For example, set a goal for how much money you want to earn in your first year of dancing.

The key is having an ambitious (but realistic) goal. Remember, if you’re going to have any chance at success in your dance career, you will have to work hard!

You will likely have nights when you don’t make enough money and times when it seems like no one notices all your hard work.

But by setting clear goals and staying focused on them, it’s much easier not only to keep up with your progress toward those goals, but also to stay motivated throughout those inevitable challenging times.

FAQs on How to make money as a Dancer

How much does a dancer make per month?

According to PayScale, dancers make an average of $36,902 per year. This varies depending on where you work and what type of dancing you do.

For example, if you work in theatre or for a production company, you could earn more than if you’re hired by an individual or small business.

Do professional dancers make good money

The demand for dancers varies depending on your geographical location. For example, if you live in Miami, FL, or Hollywood, CA then you can make good money being a dancer.

The pay will be higher in these places because of demand. If you’re looking to become a professional dancer and make good money, you might consider moving to one of these two cities so that you can take advantage of their high-paying market for dancers.

How do dancers make money on youtube?

YouTubers can make money in several ways. One of them is paid channel memberships where you get charged per month for exclusive content.

Another way is with advertisements running on your videos. And lastly, if you get popular, some companies may offer sponsorship deals.

If you’re interested in becoming a YouTuber, use YouTube’s Creator Academy to learn more about making videos and how to grow your channel from scratch.

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