How to Make Money on Bigo – A Comprehensive Guide

If you’re looking to make money on Bigo, you’re right! This guide will show you how to make money on Bigo and help you learn how to get the most out of this popular Chinese live-streaming app.

I’ll cover everything from my personal experience with making money on Bigo to step-by-step instructions on getting started and turning your streaming into profits as soon as possible!

What is Bigo?

Bigo is a live video broadcasting app in China, launched by Tencent. It features a paid broadcast option that allows users to earn virtual currency (called hearts) when viewers watch their live broadcasts. As of April 2017, Bigo has amassed 200 million active users.

In March 2018, Bigo raised $320 million from investors at a valuation of $1 billion.

So yeah—there are some users out there who are spending real money through Bigo and these are companies that have shown interest in your product/service. How can you capitalize? Read on for more information.

How to Make Money On Bigo (6 Tips)

Bigo is a huge social media platform with over 30 million daily active users. The app itself isn’t made to pay it’s users, but there are ways you can earn money using Bigo Live.

Using Bigo Live means broadcasting live content to an audience (rather than sending them messages). While you can start earning money using Bigo Live by using their existing features, that’s only if you have an audience or get one quick.

If you want to make money with Bigo Live then consider some of these tips.

1) Watching Videos

Watching ads is one of the quickest ways to make money in Bigo, and they pay very well at around 0.1 RMB per view.

You can download their app from Google Play or scan it from your phone’s QR code to get started.

Once you’ve opened up a live stream, all you have to do is sit back and watch sponsored videos play for as long as possible, sometimes for just 5 seconds! The longer you stay engaged with their platform (live streams too!) means more money in your pocket.

So if adverts aren’t your thing or you feel that 5 seconds isn’t enough time for them to make money off of you, then take a look at their other monetization options below!

2) Become an Affiliate Marketer

Bigo is an app that allows users to stream their own videos on a platform. The app gives big name YouTubers a place where they can broadcast their content for free, and it makes money by collecting ads on users’ videos.

For influencers and vloggers, being able to make money on Bigo offers them another avenue through which they can get paid for their work.

With more than 400 million registered users, Bigo is also a good way for businesses of all sizes (such as smaller game developers) to advertise and grow their business.

By selling ad space directly to advertisers or selling affiliate marketing links in your bio, you can make some serious cash from Bigo.

How to Make Money on Bigo – A Comprehensive Guide, JokosHQ

3) Apply for Bigo Live Agency to Make Money from Bigo Life

Many people are interested in making money from the live broadcasting app Bigo Live.

It is a popular social media platform in China that allows users to watch and chat with people live.

Suppose you want to make some money by providing services on Bigo Live as an agency. In that case, you should get registered as a partner of Bigo Live, called BigoiLive (BLL).

Therefore, if you are already a host or have followers, try applying for BLL.

4) Make Money from BIGO LIVE by Encashing Virtual Gifts

You can earn money from BIGO LIVE by Encashing Virtual Gifts.

These are two ways in which you can earn money from BIGO LIVE.

(1) By giving virtual gifts and (2) by watching ads(videos).

I will talk about how to make money on bigo live by encashing these Virtual Gifts.

Read along my full instructions to know how you can earn money from BIGO LIVE by Encashing Virtual Gifts.

How to Earn Money from BIGO LIVE by Encashing Virtual Gifts: There are many ways to earn money through Bigo Live, but if you want some genuine and fast earning method, I suggest you go for En-cash out method.

Encash out is a technique where you watch an ad video, give a gift, subscribe to their channel, follow them, etc. And in return, they will pay your cash into your Paytm wallet.

How to Make Money on Bigo – A Comprehensive Guide, JokosHQ

5) Join Referral Program to Earn Money from Bigo

To make money on Bigo, you need to become a member.

As it’s hard for ordinary users to get noticed by experts, you should join their referral program and earn money from Bigo by referring friends.

Normally, 1-5% of your friends’ payments will be given back to you as points, which could later be converted into cash.

If you have thousands of followers who regularly watch your live stream, it will surely help you earn more than a few cents with little work.

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6) Promote Your Own Products

On Bigo, you can easily make money by promoting your own products. If you run an e-commerce store, put up a promo page on Bigo to promote your products directly to Chinese viewers.

This method is effective because viewers are incentivized to purchase your products via cash rewards (which they can exchange for RMB).

Some viewers even use their points on bigo as a way to earn passive income by referring friends and family members.

For example, if you gift a viewer 10 yuan worth of points, he or she will have to watch videos for ten minutes to exchange those points for RMB.

Furthermore, if he or she refers another person with 10 yuan worth of points (which take ten minutes of watching time), both users receive 10 additional RMB.

Importance of Maximizing Earnings

If you want to earn money, you’ll need a method for maximizing your earnings. Fortunately, it doesn’t take much to figure out how to make money on bigo.

While some users report earning as little as $0.30 per viewer, others have earned several thousand dollars per month.

But even if you make a paltry $100 for your 500th viewer (and that’s unlikely), it will still only take 20 viewers in an hour for you to earn more than $1,000 per hour—even though most of those people won’t watch or tip anything.

Tips & Tricks

There are two main ways that you can earn money on Bigo.

The first way is through in-app purchases and gifts (you can find out more about how that works here).

The second way is through streamer tips. Streamer tips occur when a stream viewer chooses to tip you while in life.

How to Make Money on Bigo – A Comprehensive Guide, JokosHQ


How much can a person earn in a month with BIGO?

It’s hard to know exactly how much a person can earn with BIGO.

But many people who have worked for BIGO tell me that you can earn up to Rp 500.000-600.000 a month or even more if you are determined and hardworking enough, depending on your performance and effort.

You can also get promoted if you do a good job for your channel, so work hard!

However, in real life, things aren’t always as smooth as we wish they were; earning potential is partially based on your performance.

It seems that an average person cannot just get everything they want without going through certain struggles and obstacles.

What do beans mean on Bigo?

Beans are one of two things on Bigo; either it’s earned from your friends watching you, or you earn beans by watching other live streams.

When you get a certain amount of beans, you will be able to exchange them for points which can be exchanged for real money.

But there’s a catch: some video ads pay as little as $0.01 per watch, so unless you enjoy wasting time watching videos, there isn’t any benefit in giving out your information because $0.01 is just not enough!

And don’t worry about anyone guessing your phone number or address because no one can see that information except other big users when they invite each other with their numbers!

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