How to Make Money While Woofing [The Ultimate Guide]

Finding ways to make money isn’t always easy, especially if you don’t want to work a 9-5 job! How to Make Money While Woofing?

One of the best and most unique ways to make money while still enjoying your free time is to do what’s called woofing.

What exactly does it mean to woof?

It means volunteering at an animal shelter in exchange for food and living arrangements. Find out how you can begin making money while woofing, including tips on where to start!

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What is Woofing?

Woofing is a portmanteau of work and walking. Essentially, it involves walking dogs in your neighborhood in exchange for a small fee. There are millions of dog owners out there who can use all the help they can get when it comes to walking their furry friends.

With a bit of ingenuity, you could probably walk dogs and make upwards of $100 per week enough money to supplement or even replace a part-time job or another side hustle.

Like any business venture, you need to figure out if it’s a good fit for you and your lifestyle before taking action.

First things first: does dog walking sound like something you can do? If so, read on… (The reality of making money while woofing).

This part should talk about –

  • How much can I make from woofing?
  • How much time will I have to spend?
  • What kind of schedule should I follow?

At first glance, it seems like a no-brainer that working as a dog walker would be easy.

After all, what’s easier than strolling around with someone else’s pup on a leash and collecting some cash at the end of each day?

Unfortunately, though there are many benefits to working as a dog walker flexibility being one of them it isn’t always easy.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Being a Dog Walker

Aside from offering convenience and companionship, dog walking is a rewarding career that offers several other benefits. Dog walkers have their own business, which means they control their work hours and can make their own schedule.

Dog walker and a dog
Credits: Pixabay

Most dog walking positions require little or no startup costs, especially if you plan on working for a larger company.

Dog walking allows people who may not be able to find traditional employment because of a disability to gain some financial freedom while still doing something they love.

If you’re interested in pursuing dog walking as a career, you should definitely consider all of its upsides and downsides before making your decision.

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For someone looking to start a dog-walking business, it might seem like there are many disadvantages to owning one.

Cons of Dog Working

One major drawback is that it takes a lot of time and energy to properly care for dogs; walking them, playing with them and feeding them at least once per day isn’t easy! Because of this time commitment, you will likely need more than one client (or multiple clients) in order to stay afloat financially.

A final disadvantage of being a dog walker is that dogs sometimes bite and although such attacks aren’t common, they do happen occasionally.

It’s important to know how to handle yourself in such situations and also important to have insurance coverage in case you’re ever bitten by a client’s pet.

As with any business venture, there are advantages and disadvantages associated with starting a dog-walking service.

The Basics of Being a Dog Walker

Getting paid to walk a dog might seem like a great part-time job, but there’s more that goes into it than you might think.

Dog walking is different from dog sitting because you aren’t responsible for taking care of your client’s pet inside their home; rather, you are responsible for taking them outside on walks or runs in parks or other places where pets are allowed (hence walking rather than sitting).

To be a successful dog walker, you need patience and good communication skills. Some walkers use treats or toys as motivators, but many just love dogs and enjoy getting outside.

This can make a big difference when working with certain breeds who may not take well to strangers, especially if they’re large breeds such as Great Danes or Rottweilers.

Having an understanding of canine behavior will help you avoid problems when walking larger dogs.

What Does it Take to Become a Good Woofer?

No special skills are required to become a good woofer, but it’s definitely a job that’s best suited for people who are comfortable being outdoors and can handle physical labor.

It takes a bit of legwork to get started as a woofer because you need to find clients, which is much easier said than done.

But once you’ve built up your clientele and gotten used to working outside all day, you’ll be hooked on one of the easiest ways to make money with your dog.

If you have what it takes (and love dogs), don’t wait another minute.

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How Much Can You Earn From Walking Dogs?

A lot of people wonder how much money they can make from walking dogs. Unfortunately, there is no hard and fast rule for how much you can earn. For example, in some cities, it may be easy to find regular clients who pay $20-$30 per walk every week or two.

In other cities, you might not be able to land a single client in a month. How often and how much you can earn from walking dogs depends on many different factors:

  • Your location,
  • Local laws,
  • Experience (dog owner or not), and
  • Marketing savvy

all play into how much you’ll be able to make doing it.

Ways to Find Clients as a Dog Walker

Did you know that dog walking is one of the most popular forms of pet care in America? If you love dogs, that’s great news.

Ways to Find Clients as a Dog Walker
Credits: Pixabay

But what if you aren’t sure how to find clients as a dog walker? You can start by reaching out to local businesses and putting up flyers in your neighborhood.

Another option: Ask your friends and family if they know anyone who might need a dog walker. If all else fails, don’t be afraid to get creative!

Here are a few ways people make money from home with their dogs. Just remember to do your research and always follow any rules or regulations set forth by local authorities.

Pet sitting

In addition to walks, some pet sitters offer additional services like playtime, brushing, nail clipping and even medication administration.

Some people choose to use professional services when they’re going on vacation or leaving town for an extended period of time. Other times it’s because they have too many pets for a single person to handle.

Dog sitting rates vary based on location and time spent per visit but expect to pay between $15-$40 per hour depending on experience and certifications.

Dog training

Before opening a dog training business, check with your state about whether you’ll need to obtain any special permits or licenses.

Once that’s squared away, build a website and social media presence to let potential customers know about your services.

Charge anywhere from $20-$100 per session depending on how much training needs to be done and whether you’re offering private lessons or group classes.

Dog Groups

You may also want to consider joining organizations like Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers (CCPDT) or Association of Professional Dog Trainers (APDT).

These groups help members gain credibility through continuing education courses and national certification exams.

Depending on where you live, business owners will often refer clients directly to trainers so making connections is key. A little networking never hurt anyone!

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Tips for Staying Safe as a Dog Walker

Here are a few tips for staying safe as a dog walker:

First, always be sure that you and your clients agree on an exact price for each trip, and stick to it.

Keep tabs on exactly how many miles you’re walking every day this will give you a sense of just how much effort you’re putting in every day.

And finally, keep yourself in good shape!

This is your livelihood we’re talking about here; it’s worth being proactive and taking care of yourself while doing something enjoyable like dog walking.

Many people think that if they aren’t paid by their employer, they can slack off or even lie about how much work they did. Not true! If you don’t take pride in your job no one else will either.

Recommended Products For A Successful Woofing Business

If you want to get into dog walking as a full-time job, there are a few things you’ll need.

  • First and foremost, you’ll need some good walking shoes and comfortable clothes that don’t impede your ability to walk quickly.
  • Second, you will need all of your dog care supplies: poop bags, leashes, treats for puppies and reward treats for older dogs and special shampoo or wipes for dogs with sensitive skin.
  • Finally, it helps if you have some experience in animal training or business management; one will come naturally from owning a dog but running a business is something else entirely.

7 Dog Walking Hacks.

  1. Vary Your Pace: Mix up your dog walking route in terms of both time and distance. Dogs don’t have great long-term memories, so it’s all about repetition, but they also enjoy variety, so it doesn’t hurt to mix things up a bit. Also, if you stay on one specific path every day, you risk hitting traffic or coming across other hazards like loose dogs or skunks (yikes!).
  2. Exercise is important for us, but exercise is even more important for dogs.: Dog walking requires an active human so dog walking makes a great way to get your activity in without having any extra effort put into it!
  3. Be safe: When you’re out with your pup, be sure to pay attention to your surroundings and make sure that no cars are approaching before crossing streets or stepping off sidewalks onto grass. You want to avoid anything that could potentially cause harm to either yourself or your dog(s).
  4. Be prepared for different weather conditions by dressing appropriately and packing water bottles/treats/poop bags as needed
  5. Always let someone know where you are going and when you expect to return
  6. If there are multiple dogs at home, try mixing them up with other pups while out on walks
  7. Keep track of how many miles per week you walk by using a pedometer app on your phone .

Aim for 10,000 steps each day to meet recommendations from health organizations such as American Heart Association

How to Make Money While Woofing: Final Words

It’s not just living off dog food, slathering peanut butter on a tortilla and calling it dinner. It takes commitment, preparation and a little bit of insanity. So if you want to know how to make money while woofing, follow these steps and start today! Have more questions? Leave them in our comments section below or message us on social media.

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