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How to Sell Land Without a Realtor – 4 Easy Strategies to Try Now

How to Sell Land Without a Realtor – 4 Easy Strategies to Try Now
Written by Okosun John

Hey, do you have a piece of land and you’re trying to figure out how to sell land without a realtor? In this post, I’m going to talk to you exactly.

Hey, do you have a piece of land and you’re trying to figure out how to sell land without a realtor?

In this post, I’m going to talk to you exactly. 

Give you the steps of how to sell land without a realtor.

what to do step by step on how to sell land without a realtor and definitely stick around to the end.

Alright, let me just be very clear with you.

I highly recommend using realtors in your land business because if the realtor is going to go out there and take the photos.

They’re going to drudge through the water and show people the land.

They literally are a part of your team. And you don’t have to pay them anything until they perform.

They are paid by performance.

They are only eating what they kill and you know hunting references.

But they’re just another asset to your team.

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However, I’m going to show you today easy ways how to sell land without a realtor. In case you’re trying to save on some funds.

I want to give you the best resources possible to do that.

  1. Determine Land Value
  2. Take Professional Photos of Land
  3. Advertise Land for Sale
  4. Speak & Negotiate with Buyers

Alright, first off is…

Determine Land Value

what is your land worth? Do you know what it’s worth?

Since you are trying to learn how to sell land without a realtor, I’m going to give you a couple of tips on how to figure out what your land is worth.

Call a Local Appraiser.

A lot of times local appraisers will give you some free consultation or for a small fee. 

They’ll do a quick appraisal and it doesn’t have to be like the full appraisal.

Credits: Pixabay

Like they can do like a five-minute quick higher-level overview. This is where learning how to sell land without a realtor gets started.

Get on Zillow.

If you want to learn how to sell land without a realtor you have to get on Zillow and check out what your land is worth.

It’s good to start with Zillow and you always want to compare like terms.

Let’s say for instance we’re in St. Lucie County Florida and you have three acres.

You should go to Zillow pull up St. Lucie County Florida. Go to the home type and make sure you deselect all and select land-only and then go to more.

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You should only be looking at two to three acres.

When striving with how to sell land without a realtor, you have to compare like items e.g., apples to apple comparisons not apples to oranges.

An apple would be a two-acre parcel and an orange would be a 20-acre parcel. Not the same thing, totally different worlds.

So, apples to apples would be looking at only two-acre parcels.

Next in learning how to sell land without a realtor, is to look at what’s been happening in the last six months.

You know, six months duration is pretty good. Anything longer than that a lot can change.

Preferably, I want to see like the last 90 days but this is a land we’re talking about.  

Not all of it is on Zillow, not all of its shown-on Zillow.

Research on

You can look at the land sold in your particular county as well for land for sale in the last six months and once again, remember when learning how to sell land without a realtor, you have to look at like terms comparison. 

For example, if you’ve got three acres with no electricity, no water, no septic, no sewer, you got to look at properties that are three acres in the same county,

In the last six months with no water, no sewer, no electricity. That’s like terms comparison.  

Take Professional Photos of Land

When you’re learning how to sell land without a realtor, you’ve got to showcase the best possible product.

You know, if you’re walking through Walmart and you’re looking at like some boxes of cereal.

Are you going to buy the box that’s a little dirty or are you going to move the front box that’s dirty and pick the one behind it that’s a little cleaner?

A catching image is everything.

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A book cover sells books as it could purely be thrash on the inside but if the cover is nice, you’re probably going to pick it up going to the airport.

Same thing with your land. You want to showcase it. You want to make sure it’s mowed and trimmed and there’s no garbage anywhere and then  

you also want to get great high-quality wide-angle photos from a professional photographer that’s got a professional camera.

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You want a wide-angle lens from a professional photographer.

Also, video of actually standing on the land. 

So, you can say, “This is video and photos of the land I’m selling”, which is powerful when selling land.

You can go a little bit further to get drone photos. Drone photos showcasing the land and showing where the land’s actually at showing lines and actual the perimeter.

Whether it be a triangle or a rectangle like a circle.

Whatever you’re selling, you need to really show your buyers the eyeballs exactly what they’re getting.

Advertise Land for Sale

Alright, number 4, advertising and marketing. You want to be omnipresent. You want this land everywhere.

If someone’s looking for three acres in St. Lucie County Florida, you want them to sell your land in multiple locations.


Signs are working incredibly well in many lands sales business right now.

Signs get so many eyeballs.  Many sellers love to put the signs on the property.

They love to put them around the property, at stop signs, at red lights, where a lot of traffic is going by to see the signs

and what should you put on these signs? For example, put three acres must sell and then your phone number.  

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Because you want it to look like you are a motivated seller.

You want a lot of phone calls and hey, let me give you one thing that will get your land sold faster, “Three acres will finance phone number.,  

That’s going to get a lot of people calling.  Because most people aren’t walking around with a ton of money in their pocket.

But most people can afford a monthly payment and they have no problem paying an interest rate.

Alright, I talked about signs.


Facebook is free.

You can put your land in buy sell trade groups marketplace. You can put it in garage sale groups.

Just follow the rules of these actual groups because they have rules like you don’t want to aggravate anybody.

There are even literally groups for selling land in multiple different states.

Next, another free way to do it is…


Craigslist is phenomenal at selling land.

People are always going on craigslist and looking for land to buy.

What do I recommend?

Let’s just say that we’re selling some land in St. Lucie Florida for example. Well, that’s the treasure coast you want to get on the treasure coast Facebook group.

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Like, you want to go. let’s just say that you’re in a city or a county and it’s a small town and you don’t have a local craigslist.

We’ll go to the next biggest city and just search craigslist and put your land on craigslist.

Once again, high-quality photos. You can’t really put video. You can put actual drone photos but not the videos on craigslist.  

Credits: Pixabay

That’s okay you can get their information.

You can talk to them and when you’re talking to your buyer be like, “Hey, would you mind if I text you some video and some drone footage?”,

so, they can kind of get a good understanding of what’s going on.

You can sell Arizona land to people in Wisconsin during the wintertime.

What happens in the wintertime of Wisconsin? It’s cold.

Well, what’s going on in the wintertime in Arizona? It’s pretty nice like it’s still hot, but if they want to escape those harsh winter months and move to Arizona that’s a great time to sell people Arizona land In Wisconsin.  

That’s why you always want great photos, great videos. You want to give them an understanding of what it’s going to look like.

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That’s why people stage houses. That’s why realtors stage houses.  

They put the furniture in the fake beds and the pictures on the wall because humans can’t picture it in our mind most of us can’t.

So, we want to see what it would look like so we do the same thing with the land.

Speak & Negotiate with Buyers

Alright, number six is super easy. Learn how to speak to the buyers.

When the buyers call off your ads like you want to talk to them. Once you have someone that’s ready, willing, and able they want to purchase whether they found you on the signs or the Facebook or craigslist.

You need to learn to negotiate the price.

If you’re asking for twenty thousand dollars, be firm and get the most you can for it.

Negotiate the price. Time to close the deal and get paid.

These are the tips you need to learn when it comes to how to sell land without a realtor.  

I hope this was helpful.

The real estate market is absolutely exploding.

If you’re interested in building a business where you can make tons of cash get paid every single month join my newsletter.

Alright, I want you to comment below. 

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