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How to Start a Custom Millwork Side Hustle That Generates $65k/Yr

How to Start a Custom Millwork Side Hustle That Generates $65k/Yr
Written by Okosun John

Here is an educating guide on how to start a custom millwork side hustle or business. You can make enough money monthly with this business

If you have ever lived in a house with custom millwork then you would definitely agree with the fact that woodcraft is beautiful.

To some people,

No matter how many metallic windows and doors you install in your home, nothing beats the aesthetic appeal of custom millwork such as wooden doors, windows, panels, and floors.


That’s a business idea or a perfect side hustle!

As specialists in custom millwork services, customers will require you to offer beautiful architectural millwork.

This includes structures such as custom door designs, modular custom cabinets, molding and millwork, and custom casework.

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Hence not everyone can start a custom millwork business.

This is because, unlike the pet waste removal service, Custom millwork requires expertise.

You need to have to indebt knowledge of milling and woodwork.

What is Custom Millwork?

Custom millwork is a type of woodwork that is produced to order and serves both functional and ornamental reasons.

living room
Credits: Pixabay

Molding, often known as trim or crown molding, is the most frequent custom millwork piece.

The end result of custom millwork is gorgeous, one-of-a-kind woodwork that is constructed particularly to the taste, style, and specifications of the customer since these products are custom-made.

However, Millwork is a broad phrase that refers to a wide range of completed construction materials produced in a mill.

10-Step Custom Millwork Business Marketing Guide

Here is a 10-step marketing plan that works if you really want to make the most money possible in your custom millwork business

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it’s important to think of your business as a growing asset.

To ensure consistent growth requires a constant flow of cash spending customers and the way you attract more customers is by marketing your business.

For best results, it’s a good idea to create a marketing plan and schedule.

Follow this 10-step process and you will be well on your way to building a growing asset.

Your custom millwork business could become an asset that one day is worth a fortune to you.

Understand what marketing is and what it can do for you

Think of marketing as every exposure, contact, and communication your potential customer has with you and your custom millwork company.

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This could be before, during, or after the sale.

Therefore, you want every point of contact to create the right impression and make a positive impact.

Composite of Customer

Create a composite of your ideal customer who is most likely to buy your custom millwork products.

Begin by building a profile.

This might include the neighborhood’s customers, professions, hobbies, and other interests.

The more you know about your ideal customer the better you’ll be able to reach them and build a connection.

Customer Location

Identify where and how your ideal customers spend time online and offline.

Are they likely to be part of a local Facebook group or are they more like the Twitter type?

Where would they shop for custom millwork, wood furniture, cabinetry, or crafts?

Are they more likely to purchase face-to-face or online?

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Are you more likely to see your ideal prospect at a tradeshow, sporting event, theater, or bingo hall?

Assessing where your potential clients like to hang out can help you determine your best marketing plan.

Connect with your best potential customers

If for example, your ideal clients are interior designers, consider any publications these folks are likely to subscribe to or read.

A quick Google search can turn up some interesting information and sources you may not be aware of.

This key step enables you to place your company’s message right in front of your ideal customers by the way.

If you’re targeting a group of professionals looks for forums blogs and Association memberships your customers might choose to be a part of.

These are among the best places to make them familiar with your business.

Answer common questions and solve your potential clients’ problems.

Provide quality content that’s genuinely helpful and displays your level of expertise.

Credits: Pixabay

These types of marketing materials are much more effective in getting potential buyers to raise their hands and reach out to you.

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Don’t overlook the value of direct marketing either when targeting specific groups.

Direct mail marketing.

Direct mail marketing can be quite effective even in today’s digital world.

Many customers who might be interested in buying custom millwork can be reached through direct email.

Many companies practice direct email marketing as a way of getting new customers to purchase their products.

Hence if you intend to grow your custom millwork business, you can give direct Email a chance.

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Google Business Page

Google is one of the biggest search engines in the world.

On monthly basis, its website receives millions of searches.

Part of these people searching is looking for products and services to purchase.

You can take advantage of this by creating a Google Business page.

Some other benefits of this include the ability to get higher revenue through the recommendations from the Google business page.

Social Media

Facebook as the biggest social media app receives billions of active users monthly.

You can turn these users into your custom millwork business customer.

Two options;

  1. Free posting
  2. Paid advertisement.

These social media applications, allow you to create free posts in order to sell your products.

However, they also offer paid advertisements such as post boosting.

Create a website

A high percentage of shop owners and businesses have adopted the creation of websites as one of their channels of growth.

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Hence it will be a lot beneficial for you to tap into the opportunity and get your potential customers.

Who are these customers?

People looking for custom millwork or woodwork customers online.

There is a potential market waiting online to be exploited using your website.

Also, having a website makes your custom millwork business look professional and this builds more trust for your business.

Do you want to build your own website today?

  • Hire a developer or
  • Do it yourself.

That’s the end of our guide on marketing your custom millwork business for best results.

Which would you try first?

Let me know in the comment box.

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