Had COVID? Part of the Virus May Stick Around in Your Brain (www.webmd.com)

Had COVID? Part of the Virus May Stick Around in Your Brain

April 13, 2023 If you or someone you know is experiencing brain fog after COVID19, scientists now have a possible explanation and it might not bring much comfort.

Researchers in Germany found that part of the virus, the spike protein, remains in the brain long after the virus clears out.

These investigators discovered the spike protein from the virus in brain tissue of animals and people after death.

The finding suggests these virus fragments build up, stick around, and trigger inflammation that causes long COVID symptoms.

About 15 of COVID patients continue to have longterm effects of the infection despite their recovery, said senior study author Ali Ertrk, PhD, director of the Institute for Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine at the Helmholtz Center Munich in Germany.

Reportedneurological problems include brain fog, brain tissue loss, a decline in thinking abilities, and problems with memory, he said.

These symptoms clearly suggest damages and longterm changes caused bySARSCoV2in the brain, the exact molecularmechanismsof which arestill poorly understood,Ertrk said.

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