WhatsApp Introduces New Features to Enhance Chat Productivity and Fun (investorsking.com)

WhatsApp Introduces New Features to Enhance Chat Productivity and Fun


Once it is paid, subscribers can then access the creators exclusive content which is not viewed by the public.

Reports reveal that Twitter will allow creators to keep 97 of the revenue up to 50,000 in lifetime earnings, after which the revenue split will be dropped to 80 for creators.

In a bid to ensure the smooth payment of creators, Twitter has partnered with financial services giant Stripe to ensure a seamless payout.

Recall that Musk had also announced via his Twitter account that the company would begin sharing ad revenue with content creators on the platform.

Twitter however warned that the subscription services are nonrefundable even if a creators account gets suspended.

In such cases, users are required to manually unsubscribe to avoid automonthly payments to inactive Twitter accounts.

Investors King understands that since Musk took over from the company in October last year, he has been seeking for ways to increase the platforms revenue, as well as bring more creators to the platform.

Content creators across the globe can now earn a living on Twitter after the companys CEO Elon Musk disclosed that they can now monetize their content.

Twitter via a tweet, disclosed that content creators can enable the monetization feature by clicking on the settings option to apply.

The subscriptions feature will allow Twitter users to charge their followers a monthly price from one of the price points made available by Twitter.


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