Pre-seed funding: Meaning and how to get it (

Pre-seed funding: Meaning and how to get it

The funds assist startups in kickstarting the process of offering their services to the general public while maintaining profits from the business in the long and short run.

The preseed funding is often the most overlooked funding stage, in todays financial space, investors as well as shareholders tend to ignore this vital stage of funding and lay emphasis on the other series.

Nonetheless, the importance of preseed funding cannot be overemphasised this article offers insight into the basic knowledge there is to know about preseed funding.

Startups often go through a series of funding stages before engaging in an initial public offer (IPO).


    • What is preseed funding
    • Understanding preseed funding
    • Basic due diligence in preseed funding
    • Difference between preseed funding and the seed funding
    • How to get preseed funding
    • Conclusion
    • Frequently Asked Questions
      • 1. Have a clear idea of your service
      • 2. Create a business model
      • 3. Pitch to investors


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