Trump must use secure facility to review classified evidence in docs case (

Trump must use secure facility to review classified evidence in docs case


On Wednesday, Cannon issued a 16-page ruling that included no mention of Mar-a-Lago, signaling she did not agree with Trump’s request. Instead, she instructed Trump’s legal team to study classified evidence in a certified secure compartmented information facility (SCIF).

Trump and his legal team are bound by a protective order issued by US District Judge Aileen Cannon, which states that they may not reveal any classified information related to the case to anyone other than the court, government personnel with appropriate security clearances and a need-to-know, and others “specifically authorized to access that information.”

This week, attorneys for Trump and two other defendants in the case met with prosecutors from special counsel Jack Smith’s team in a closed session, which prompted Cannon’s decision. It was a routine but contentious question of how the parties should be instructed to treat the sensitive evidence at the heart of the indictment.

Trump’s attorneys had argued for his reinstatement of the same secure facility he had used as president to review secret information.

As Trump took hundreds of sensitive documents with him when he left office, prosecutors were adamantly against the idea of setting up such a facility at Mar-a-Lago. They claimed he wanted preferential treatment for himself that would not be granted to any other defendant.

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