What’s the WINR Protocol iGaming Infrastructure and WINR Token? (academy.moralis.io)

What’s the WINR Protocol iGaming Infrastructure and WINR Token?


Essentially, WINR Protocol allows other projects to easily utilize the protocol’s infrastructure to implement Web3 functionalities. As such, these projects can focus on creating exciting and engaging games and not worry about the “Web3” aspects of their iGaming venture.

WINR Protocol is a crypto project that provides smart contract tools, a liquidity engine, and an incentive framework for other developers and projects wanting to step into the Web3 iGaming realm. Or, as the project’s official website states: "WINR protocol is a decentralized on-chain iGaming infrastructure."  

As we dive into the core of today’s article, we’ll first cover the basics of the project behind the WINR token – WINR Protocol. So, you’ll get to find out what the protocol is all about, what its unique aspects are, and how it operates. Then, we’ll focus on the WINR crypto asset. Again, we’ll cover the basics first and then proceed to specifics. In doing so, we’ll look at WINR’s tokenomics, use cases, and more.

Third, the protocol claims to ensure that platforms built using its tech are provably fair. It does so by offering transparent and verified tools and the process of approval executed by the WINR DAO. 

Fourth, projects interested in entering the Web3 iGaming arena get to avoid the need to create new tokenomics. Instead, they get to plug into the WINR tokenomics. By doing so, the WINR ecosystem also covers their marketing needs.

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