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Is Decompression Therapy Covered By Insurance? – Find Out Everything Here

Is Decompression Therapy Covered By Insurance - Find Out Now
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Is Decompression Therapy Covered By Insurance? Suppose you’re considering decompression therapy for your low back pain. In that case, you might be curious whether your Insurance will cover the treatment.

That’s a great question because if your Insurance does not, you might have to pay the entire cost of the procedure yourself, which can be quite expensive if you don’t have good health insurance coverage in place.

We’ll look at how insurance companies view decompression therapy and their requirements regarding coverage in this article. Decompression therapy insurance.

Decompression therapy: is it covered by Insurance?

Is decompression therapy covered by Insurance? The short answer is sometimes. There are numerous therapies, tests and procedures that could be considered to be decompression therapy (with varying degrees of scientific support) that Insurance would cover.

Only a small percentage of them would fall under decompression therapy. For example, a full barotrauma treatment program in a hyperbaric clinic will often cost $150/hour.

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Is spinal decompression expensive?

Not at all! There are affordable options, and many insurance companies cover decompression therapy. Before your procedure, check with your insurance provider to determine if they cover it.

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When you call them, make sure to ask how many sessions they cover and how much they pay for each session and how much co-pay you’ll have to pay. It’s a good idea also to ask if any additional costs might apply when doing decompression therapy in particular.

Can spinal decompression help me?

Professionals often tout a relatively unknown form of alternative medicine, spinal decompression therapy, as a means of helping to alleviate back pain and improve mobility for those who suffer from it. However, there is little hard evidence supporting such assertions.

Spinal decompression therapy risks

Though there are many reported benefits, spinal decompression therapy isn’t risk-free. Patients with acute back pain or other serious medical conditions should see a doctor before undergoing decompression therapy to ensure it is safe. Side effects of spinal decompression therapy include temporary headaches and dizziness.

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How much does spinal decompression cost per session

Most decompression therapy sessions cost $100-$150 per session. A typical program includes 4-8 sessions, so expect to pay $400-$1,000 total. Private Insurance does not typically cover spinal decompression therapy.

The out-of-pocket costs depend on your plan. Some plans require you to pay a percentage of expenses. In contrast, others require you to meet a deductible and pay nothing until you hit your maximum out-of-pocket cost limit.


What conditions is spinal decompression treatment used for?

Spinal decompression is most often used for back pain treatment. Still, it’s also been beneficial for people who have scoliosis, degenerative disc disease, spinal stenosis and more.

Why doesn’t my insurance pay for decompression therapy?

Insurers don’t pay for decompression therapy because it has not been fully tested and endorsed by The Food and Drug Administration (FDA). In other words, you have to pay for decompression therapy on your own.

How many treatments does it take to achieve the desired results?

Typically, it takes 5-6 treatments to achieve results. Each treatment lasts approximately 30 minutes, and patients should expect some swelling and tenderness after each treatment.

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