Instagram explains its recommendations and 'shadowbanning' (

Instagram explains its recommendations and 'shadowbanning'


Likewise, Stories posts take into account viewing history as well as closeness, or how likely you are to be connected as friends or family. On the other hand, recommendations in Explore are largely based posts youve liked, saved, shared and commented on in the past, but are more likely to come from accounts youve never interacted with.

One of the more interesting sections of Mosseri’s blog post is titled addressing shadowbanning. Mosseri notes that there isnt a universal definition for the word, but acknowledges that many creators use the term to imply that a users account or content is limited or hidden without a clear explanation or justification. And he says that the company is working to increase transparency around when creators content or accounts are blocked from the apps recommendations.

In a new blog post from Instagrams top exec Adam Mosseri, he offers one of the most detailed explanations to date on how the app ranks content in various parts of the app.

Instagram doesnt have a singular algorithm that oversees what people do and dont see on the app, Mosseri explains.

Instagram is, once again, trying to explain how its recommendations work in an attempt to dispel misconceptions about how the apps algorithm works and whether or not the company engages in shadowbanning of certain creators.


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