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10 Easy Ways To Run Down Your Business


Starting a business might be very easy but the hardest part is sustaining the business.  
It is not enough to start up a business, it is sustaining the business that matters most.  
I’m going to share with us how we can easily and sweatlessly run down our business and blame the devil.
1. Avoid record keeping. Make sure that everything that comes in goes out immediately without proper accountability and record keeping. 

2. Don’t employ experts rather, employ your relatives. Make your relative manager even if he/she knows little or nothing about your business. 

3. Avoid being on seat. If, as the CEO each time someone calls your office, let it be that you are not on seat. And God help you one day they will really unseat you. 

4. Start dating your workers or staff. Make sure you descend so low to the point of dating even your secretary. 

5. Avoid reading and personal development. Spend quality time watching Zee world instead of investing same time into reading and improving your minds. 

6. Use one account for both personal and corporate money. When that happens you can be sure of spending all before the month runs out. 

7. Make sure you don’t have written goal or plan of action on what to do per time. Let everything come and go at will.  

8. Don’t have a mentor. ‘Who mentor epp self’. Just do things anyhow you want.  
9. Avoid taking advice from your partners or staff. Always neglect their advice after all who are they to advice you. Are you not their boss?  

10. Be very proud. Talk to your customers, staff and team members anyhow.

By Jubilant James

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