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How to Start a Landscape Construction Company (Types, Jobs & Landscaping Process)

How to Start a Landscape Construction Company (Types, Jobs & Landscaping Process)
Written by Okosun John

We’re also going to cover keys to success as a landscape construction company. How to build client list, and also tips and advice on managing and hiring staff.

If you had no idea about Landscape construction, in this guide, we are going to cover all you need to know.

Including types, importance, and process.

Do you want to make $47,000 a month having your own landscaping business?

We’re also going to cover the keys to success as a landscape construction company. How to build a client list, and also tips and advice on managing and hiring staff.

All these things are really crucial aspects for, really, any business. so, I advise you to stick around to read these tips and advice.

Advice and tips on how to keep customers happy and have them come back are going to help get a high customer satisfaction rate.

We will also cover what kind of equipment you need, choosing your services, pricing, etc., and most importantly, how to market a brand-new landscape construction company.

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So, what are we waiting for?

Let’s get started…

What is Landscape Construction?

Landscape construction is the process of transforming a piece of land into a beautiful garden through the use of trees, flowers, fruits, vegetables, bushes, and other plants that turn the area green. 

Landscaping has been performed for ages. 

Humans have been modifying the land for both aesthetic and functional reasons. 

Today, landscaping refers to the design, development, and maintenance of gardens that improve the aesthetic of a home and provide a usable area for outside activities.

Types of Landscape Construction

Landscape construction is primarily classified into two primary categories:

  1. Hard Scrapes
  2. Soft Scrapes

Soft Scrapes

Plants and other organic materials such as grass, annuals, perennials, shrubs, and more are widely used in Softscape landscape construction.

It involves studying architecture, planning, and determining a suitable landscape design for homes and estates using flower bed installations, a lawn, yard, or garden.

Hard Scrapes

Hard scrapes landscape construction involves major construction such as the installation of hard stones, pavements around the garden, fences surrounding the area, and a BBQ area built of stones in the garden, among other things.

These days, this type of landscape construction has become very common.

Importance of Landscaping

Landscape construction gives you an outstanding outdoor space.

A well-developed and maintained landscape will allow you to spend more time outside, relaxing in the wonderful surroundings.

Property values might rise by 5% to 12% as a result of this.

If you plan to sell your home, it’s a great way to make the most of your outdoor space while also making your home more attractive to consumers.

Here are some outlined importance of Landscaping;

  1. Connect with Nature
  2. Enhance Your Quality of Life
  3. Balancing Natural & Artificial Elements
  4. Create Functional Areas
  5. Defining Entertainment Areas
  6. Boost the Property Value

Skills Required for Landscape Construction

The skill of competent and experienced specialists is required for landscape design and construction. The following are some of the essential skills for the construction side of landscaping a property:

  • The capacity to generate dependable landscape designs and concepts.
  • The ability to work with professionals, interpret landscape architect drawings, and complete the necessary work.
  • The ability to prepare cost estimates and quotations for a variety of projects.
  • Softscapes require horticultural expertise in order to come up with creative designs.
  • Possess construction skillset, such as the capacity to create retaining walls, driveways and pathways, and other buildings.

Landscape Construction Process

Landscape construction is a simple operation that takes a great deal of expertise and time. When it comes to landscape construction, there are a few measures that must be followed in order to learn how to start landscaping from scratch.

Designing the landscape is the initial step in landscape construction.

To do so, speak with a landscaping contractor and have the plan approved. After that, estimate the total amount of raw materials and other items needed to construct the landscape.

It is necessary to eliminate any undesired surfaces that have previously been constructed in the garden area.

If a swimming pool is being built, adequate land excavation must begin immediately.

The next stage is to install a sufficient drainage system so that any excess water from the landscaping can be quickly drained after the work is complete.

A proper irrigation system for the area’s vegetation must be created. Sprinklers and other necessary equipment must be installed in the landscape.

Trespassers must not be able to see into the landscape because of the surrounding walls.

Following that, if an outdoor barbecue kitchen is planned, the construction of that should be completed.

Finally, dirt must be applied to the remaining area before trees and plants may be planted.

How to Design the Perfect Landscape Working Drawing

Have you been confused when it comes to creating a beautiful lawn? We’ll give you some pointers on how to create a landscape design layout that will make your home the talk of the neighborhood.

landscape concept
Credits: Pixabay

Drawing a layout of the yard is a wonderful place to start.

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Keep it simple, but include elements that will last in the landscape, such as a big tree.

As you add elements to the design, make many copies or use tracing paper.

Note essential elements of the existing environment on your landscape working drawings, such as hills, which sections get light and which get the shadow, and any privacy concerns.

how to start landscaping from scratch? Let’s speak about some various options for your landscape working drawing now.

Find the Property Plat Map & Determine landscape construction objectives

Find a copy of the property plat map that shows the measured boundaries of the land and use that as your base plan (at a good scale).

If you can’t find it, go to the county or municipal courthouse and ask the tax officials for one; they have all the property plat maps.

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Next, consider the objectives.

  • Do you desire a venue where you may host dinner parties with your friends?
  • Do you require a play space for your children and pets?
  • Or perhaps just a peaceful place to read a book on a hot summer day?

Make a list of your present and future objectives.

Begin to add your objectives to the landscape working drawing now.

One approach to get started is by arranging larger items or structures first before considering smaller ones, such as adding a patio, deck, or pergola to the layout first, then filling in around them.

However, keep the budget and short-term objectives in mind.

Consider using the existing style outside to keep the entire property consistent, just like you do while decorating your home’s interior.

Look to the outside of the house for decoration ideas.

A traditional home complements a wide range of landscape designs, but a modern home benefits from clean lines and basic landscaping, such as ornamental grasses.

Locate Utility Connections, Flow of Water & Sun Direction

Check with the utility company to see where all of the utility’s connections enter the property, especially those underground. This ensures you don’t damage them when digging.

Also, determine how water flows across the land during a strong rainstorm through sight, experience, or measurement.

Take note of any drainage ditches on the land or areas where water has gathered after rain.

Identify where the sun rises and sets in relation to the house during each season. Which direction does your home face?  north, south, east, or west?

Also, note areas where tall trees or hills may cast shadows on the house.

Be watchful of neighbors’ landscaping.

Be mindful of the landscape construction elements of neighbors, as well as nearby streets, streams, or public spaces.

Before you begin your landscape construction design, try writing all of these elements on and around the base plat map.

Then start identifying the public, private, maintenance, and other zones around the property, as well as the relationships between them (using only blobs) (walkways, lawn areas, etc.)

Before you start looking for plants and other landscape construction components, make sure you have a good idea of where you want to go (I.e., ponds, decks, patios, play courts, etc.).

Adding Flowers and Plants

Plants are one of the most significant aspects of landscape construction and one of the simplest methods to create a fresh design.

Consider using plants to beautify the house once more.

Choose a few matching colors, or at the very least avoid a lot of variances in small sections, but feel free to experiment with texture and size.

In the beds, layer the heights… largest in the back, tiniest in the front.

Keep in mind how tall the plant will be when fully grown to avoid it blocking a window.

Here’s a suggestion…

When choosing plants, keep in mind that perennials are seasonal, but annuals must be planted every year.

Consider utilizing a bush or a larger plant to soften the corners along with the home.

Also, remember to keep huge plants a few feet away from the foundation to avoid root damage.

Consider planting hedges as a fence or building a regular fence if privacy is a top requirement.

There are a variety of styles to choose from depending on your preferences.

Before you install, double-check the local codes in that area.

If the property has a hill, you can either plant on the slope or construct modest retaining walls of varying levels to designate different spots of interest.

Create pathways & Water Bodies

Next, consider how you’ll get to the many areas of interest in the lawn. Solid concrete or pavers are more professional and provide a clear path.

A nicer alternative is crushed gravel. Stepping stones also give the land a natural look.

Just make sure to spread the stones out as if you were going to step on them, and utilize a landing every few stones to provide a place to rest in case someone wants to take a lot at the landscape.

A water feature is a wonderful way to add calmness and a touch of nature to any space. A tiny pond is not only attractive, but it is also ideal for plants and fish.

Try a fountain to add relaxing sounds and to hide the noise. A smaller area can benefit from a sculpture or a tabletop fountain.

Lighting for the Outdoors

Consider using landscape construction lighting to showcase different locations as the landscape takes shape…

For nighttime enjoyment, uplights or spotlights for trees, floodlights for beds, and path lights illuminate a landscape.

These design elements can be applied not just to the backyard, but also to the front yard and side yard.

Keep in mind, though, how much time to be spent caring for the yard and how much maintenance it will need.

Remember, the most important landscaping tip is to do what makes the owner happy.

How to Start $47K/Month Landscape Construction Company

Starting a new landscape construction company could be all you need to make a profitable income monthly.

beautiful home
Credits: Pixabay

You could make up to $3000 daily in profits with a landscape construction company.

so, what do you need to start?… what are the steps., do you need a landscape construction degree?

Well, here is all you need to know;

Start from the Basic

There are basic commitments you have to make when it comes to starting a landscape construction company.

These commitments ensure a smooth run of your business.

They include;

  1. Creating a business name and logo
  2. Performing market research
  3. Registering your business
  4. Business insurances and legal permits

It’s important to undergo these steps to prevent you from having legal problems.

Project Pricing & Estimating

When you go out and I look at a project, walk around and kind of measure materials, get an idea of how many materials you going to need such as soil, plantings, rocks, gravel,

whatever it may be.

Also, figure out how long it’ll take.

After which, break each project down into separate sections, and then figure out how much time and materials each section will take.

Customers like it when you write estimates so that they see the fence is separate from the paver patio, or from the retaining wall, or from the gravel paths, or from the planting.

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Don’t break down materials, but give customers a good idea of what each little individual project costs.

That’s so as they can actually see where the money is going and being divided up,

and they can also cut sections out if they want to without you having to re-write a whole new estimate.

Understand Possible Struggles

The biggest struggle when you start a landscape construction company is you want to get as much work as you can.

Typically, when you start out, you’re not really well versed on how much you need to bid or allocate for things.

Making estimates of how long a job would take is a huge problem. You could estimate 1 week and at the end, it takes 4 weeks to do.

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Coupled with that fact, you’re more inclined to bid a lower price because you don’t want customers to turn you down.

Getting to where you’re confident in the amount that you’re bidding, how much time it’s going to take, how many guys it’s going to take, and what materials it’s going to take will take time.

In order to avoid such mistakes, do a lot of research, you want to go out and just really get your numbers down when you’re bidding on projects.

Don’t be afraid to walk around and measure everything out, and figure out exactly how many materials.

Take your time when you’re bidding on projects. Because the last thing you want to do is go back to a client and tell them that you need more money to finish their project.

That’s something no one wants to hear.

Know Your Profit Margin

As far as landscape construction goes, you should be making a good 50% profit margin.

Because really what you’re selling is the labor, not the expensive materials.

And so, if your guys are doing a good job, or you’re doing a good job, you should be able to walk away from any project, knowing that you did a bunch of physical labor and you got paid for that value.

You know, it’s the physical labor that you need to make it worth your while, because this isn’t a job that you can do for 50 years by yourself.

At some point, you’re going to get worn out.

Hence, you need to make enough money that you can invest so that when you are 80 years old, you won’t be trying to lift rocks or bricks.

Residential or Commercial Landscape Construction?

You can do both… or just focus on one. let’s say residential.

A lot of people prefer residential landscaping because it has more freedom such as end goal, quality, and ability to do your own unique design.

The problem with commercial landscaping is that, when you get a plan, you have to follow it whether it’s the right thing to do or not.

You don’t have that flexibility.

Also, commercial landscaping requires a lot of money upfront.

Whereas residential landscaping, you can easily take a 50% deposit on the job before you start.

With this, you can purchase all materials needed without having to worry about damage costs. That is if something goes wrong.

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But in commercial landscape construction, you cover that cost.

In commercial landscaping, even when your decisions are limited by what is needed, you are still required to provide a warranty for a few years.

Types Of Landscaping Services You Can Offer to Customers

Landscape maintenance is a top priority for landscapers.

luxury home
Credits: Pixabay

Understanding the types of landscape construction services will enable you to provide your consumers with a professional landscape plan.

You can deliver your services individually or in groups, depending on the needs of your customers.

To attract customers, make sure your landscaping service packages include appealing offers.

General Bed Maintenance/Detailing

Weeding, ground-cover trimming/control, debris removal, removal of spent flowers, monitoring, and removal of browning leaves and branches are all included in this service.

This is a must-have service for customers.

Spring or fall maintenance

Spring or fall maintenance is a thorough ground cleaning service.

Edging services include grass dividing, perennial pruning, and mulch scraping, to name a few.

Homeowners don’t like seeing all the piled-up spring-fall on the ground.

As a result, clients expect such extensive cleaning processes at least twice a year, offering you a tremendous opportunity to serve and earn.

Pruning & Hedging

Pruning is used to keep a plant’s form or size, remove wasted blooms, remove dead or diseased limbs, and encourage growth.

While hedging is the process of forming plants into geometric shapes.

Both have a significant impact on the terrain.

Landscape Plant Protect and Feed

Protective treatments against plant diseases such as brown patches, grubs, and fungal growths are included in the grass protection and feed service.

These are time-consuming services that require six to seven stages to complete and must be completed during the best month of the year.

If you live in a really humid area, you might even design some other skilled services to aid keep moisture away from your plants.

Lawn Protect and Feed

Lawn chemical programs feed the grass while also protecting it from a variety of pests and illnesses and a variety of fungal problems.

The majority of programs consist of five to seven steps that are applied at the best time of year for the grass.

During particularly wet years, additional applications may be required to address moisture-related concerns.

Start-up and shut-down irrigation system

The next crucial landscape construction service is the start-up and shut-down of weatherproof irrigation systems.

Most individuals start their irrigation service in the spring, but doing so in an unprofessional manner might result in water freezing and expanding during the winter, causing plant damage.

You can provide professional irrigation start-up and shut-down services on a monthly or yearly basis, but make sure your personnel is skilled in this area.

Seasonal display

The seasonal display is a service that adds to the landscape’s attractiveness. It even includes fall upkeep and seasonal flowering flowers.

During festive events, the plants and lighting are worth observing. Customers may approach you for such beautification services; all you need is the right tools and abilities for the job.


Depending on the contract, mulching is usually done once or twice a year.

Mulch provides various horticultural benefits, including root insulation, weed control, and water retention, despite its aesthetic appeal.

Leaf Removal

Most contracts can be adjusted to reflect a client’s expectations for the number of visits.

Some customers simply require one or two per year.

Because their contractor only comes twice a year, those clients will have leaf build-up in between appointments.

Due to this, some customers like up to seven clearances per season so that their home remains relatively tidy throughout the fall.

Lawn mowing

Spring-trimming, hedging, and blow-off of difficult surfaces are all part of lawn mowing.

Because not all landscaping services will deliver everything, lawn mowing also depends on the conditions that you are presenting.

You might learn about the client’s priorities and provide personalized landscaping service packages.

What Landscape Construction Services Pays the Most?

Pavers and retaining walls are the highest profit margin and require more physical labor.

There’s a pretty set standard in each area of the country for the prices.

So that’s a nice thing when you’re starting out, there’s not a whole lot of guessing.

You can price it out in your area, and find out what a going rate is. It could be anywhere from $24 to $44 a square foot for pavers.

it’s a really profitable thing, especially the faster and more efficient you are, the more money you make.

Focus on rendering one service and then blow it out of the water. There are a lot of people doing this.

With time, you get really good at it. You become specialized in it.

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Just focus on that one service. And then people get to know you for that.

And before you know it, you’ll have more work than you can handle.

How to Get More Customers in Your Lawn Care & Landscaping Business

One of the first things that you can do when looking for your first clients, is to reach out to real estate agents.

fine landscape
Credits: Pixabay

They are constantly dealing with people that are purchasing new homes, or moving into a home, and want to upgrade their landscape.

The other thing you can do is to build relationships with your local suppliers like Home Depot and local stuff and places where you can buy soil and materials.

Get some business cards.

You can make cheap business cards. Who cares what they look like, anyway?

You know, go out and start telling people, throwing your company name out there.

The biggest thing is to keep your name out there to anyone you can.

Make yourself a Facebook business page and just start going at it.

There’s going to be a lot of times where the work isn’t coming in as fast as you want it to, and you’ll doubt yourself and wonder if you are doing the right thing.

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But to be successful, just keep pushing at it, just keep trying and reaching out to more and more people.

And as you go,

keep your quality consistent, because high-quality services will sell more projects.

Business Advertisement

Facebook and Instagram are great tools to advertise landscape construction because it’s a visual product.

You can post pictures every day and people can see it, and then they can see what they want.

It’s just like Pinterest. Homeowners love Pinterest.

And it’s because they just get a bunch of ideas on Pinterest, and that inspires them to do things in their own home.

You don’t have to spend a lot of money on advertising the landscape construction business.

Get a Facebook page built, or do your own page, and then just advertise. I mean, you don’t have to spend money on it.

Advertise it on your own friends’ lists, get people to share it. The more people that see your content, the more exposure you’ll get, and that will translate into more work.

People love before-and-after pictures.

So anytime you start a new landscape construction project, walk around the whole garden and take pictures from all different angles.

When you are done with the project take the after pictures.

Post these pictures to show people the dramatic difference of what you have done, whether you are doing a clean-up or complete landscape construction.

Create a website

A website will help you represent your brand online.

Getting a website is not expensive when you compare the advantages. From allowing customers to easily contact you,

to display your services on search engines for local searchers.

So here is how to create a website

  1. Hire a developer
  2. Build one yourself

Retain Existing Customers

You can typically retain about 50% of your customers with quality work and good customer service.

The most important thing is to get up every day, and get out there, and do something about improving your life, and improving your job.

How to find Employees for Landscaping, Construction or Lawn care

We’re going to talk about hiring and finding the right people to bring into your company.

One other way you would want to try out is constant recruitment.

i.e., you’re always marketing your business to find new people whether you need them or not.

A good reason for this is the psychological effect it has on your existing workers. Making them work better on their landscape construction job description.

You can place banners or stickers on your truck and neighborhood.

in case you don’t find workers soon enough, is a great resource for picking up people.

Craigslist is another resource and it’s free.

The next tip is to spread the word through word-of-mouth advertising.

Tell your close friends to talk about your job vacancy.

Social media Advertising such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and newspaper advertising can keep the word going even when you don’t need people.

Tools and Equipment to Start a Landscaping Business!

If it interests you to know how much landscape construction costs and the best way to source it.

then continue reading…

There are a lot of different tools used for cutting our pavers, especially.

The first is the water saw.

The water saw is nice for doing straight cuts. it is an invaluable tool for landscape construction.

It is not cheap. A new water saw costs about $2600.

Though expensive, as I said, you really can’t avoid having a saw like this.

There is also a demolition saw which is a hand-held saw and is used to cut our curves in the pavers.

A Compacter is used for compacting the base to lay the pavers in. All gravel paths are compacted with this.

Having a generator is pretty important because a lot of the equipment like the big saws for cutting the pavers, and the welder that is used for welding, draws too much current.

On a new construction site, sometimes they don’t even have power ready, so you would need the service of the generator.

But you could work without that when you’re starting out…

If you’re tight on your budget and you’re first starting out, you can simply rent the equipment.

So, if you can’t afford to buy a $2600 saw, you can go to a rental equipment store and you can rent this saw for $110 a day.

So, you’re not limited when you start out with landscape construction. Almost all this equipment can be rented.

Secrets to get High Landscaping construction salary

The biggest secrets are to get high landscaping construction salary are;

  1. marketing the company
  2.  quality of work, and
  3. not being afraid to dream.

You can really limit yourself in your own thoughts.

So, when you come to look at a project, a lot of times clients don’t really know what they want, or the extent of what they want.

The ability to dream big will help your business and get a landscaping construction salary in such scenarios.

When you go to talk to your clients, don’t be afraid to tell them, you know, “What if you did, you could do a water feature over here.” Or, “Instead of just making that grass, you could do something really cool there.”

And one of the things is a lot of people don’t have a clear definition of what they want i.e., landscape construction job description.

You can always scale down your project, but it’s harder to make it bigger once you’ve started.

As you get further along, bigger projects, then it requires building the company bigger.

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