Amazon's Gaming Trainwreck Exposed! Google Did What We All Expected… + MS's Big Rumour!

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    1. personally i never cared about google/stadia making new games. Stadia as an idea at least on paper i think has potential. It makes no sense to have to re-buy a game to play it on stadia though, they need to review their payment model. If i have already bought a game from a company i should be able to play it on any platform they have the game on. I don't know if the subscription model is the way to go or if we can opt to buy and addon of some sorts or a stadia pass kind of thing to be able to play on Stadia.

      In a perfect world everything would be cross-platform and all the game developing companies/publishers, tech companies would get along

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    2. Isn't Amazon releasing Lost Ark in the US/EU somewhere this year? That will undoubtedly draw people in.

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    3. Why don't google offer both downloads and streaming once the user bought the game? Like Steam + Streaming for those who don't have a super computer.

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