cheap amazon iphone 12 cases | unboxing & haul *under $15*

hi! today i’m trying out cute & cheap amazon iphone 12 cases for only $15 and under! 🙂 ☆ shop these cases ☆ apple silicone case dupe: …

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    1. I just realized that your hair isn’t blonde anymore! 🥺 Did you not like the look? Either way, your hair always looks beautiful! 😉

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    2. what's on my iPhone, please !!!

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    3. I love your top!! Where did you get it from??

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    4. the black case is a spigen case. they are known to be really durable and really nice. i have had the clear glitter one for my 11 and my 7+. they are amazing

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    5. Yo! I have the same combo! Graphite Pro Max with Black Silicone case! Screen Protector or not? You are the pro- I will follow your advise!

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