Control PS5 vs Xbox Series X Ray Tracing 'Benchmark' – Unlocked FPS In Photo Mode!

Did you know that Control’s photo mode removes the 30fps cap in the ray traced graphics mode? It opens a window into the kind of overhead (or lack of it, …

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    1. PS5 is holding back Xbox Series X, no more parity games if the PS5 can't keep up don't punish xbox players

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    2. Been playing this great game on my PS5. Performance mode all the way. That 60fps is just amazing. Hope they can tie all of this together and give us 4K 60fps. Maybe that will happen on the PS5 Pro 🤔.

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    3. This is the worst and laziest "Next gen" port I ever seen so far. The ps5 version is disgusting. Performance mode is basically ps4 pro at 60 fps, which is decent but less than the minimum expected for a supposedly native PS5 game. The ray tracing is pathethic. Horribly feeling 30fps mode that somehows feels slower and more awkward to control than PS4 pro version (which I've finished) and the resolution is even lower, it's a blurry mess at points. And the RT is absolutely crap. Terrible all around.

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    4. lmao DF is trash nowadays trying so hard to please MS it's ridiculous, KingThrash Gaming exposed your BS once again.

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    5. 50fps??? Meehhhh

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