Facebook & Instagram Shops Integrate With Shopify

Facebook and Instagram Shops are adding Shopify as a payment option which is estimated to increase conversion rates by 1.72x.

All Shopify merchants selling on Facebook and Instagram can now offer Shop Pay as a checkout option for customers.

Checking out with Shop Pay is said to be 70% faster than a typical checkout, which is due in large part to how it pre-populates customer details such as billing and shipping information.

When a customer uses Shop Pay for the first time their information is stored for future purchases. Next time they checkout with Shop Pay they can speed through the process with a simple tap.

This marks the first time Shop Pay has been available outside of Shopify. For businesses, the expansion of Shop Pay means more sales and fewer abandoned carts.

In a study of 10,000 of the largest Shopify merchants with Shop Pay enabled it was found that checkouts going through Shop Pay have an average checkout-to-order rate of 1.72x higher than those going through regular…

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